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This is called a world, i read somewhere this world is just like station and v are sitting in train with people (parents, siblings, relatives, friends and we met different people during this journey. Some left us during this journey and some get off when their desire station come. my father said some jobs you have to do it by hook or by crook. so they are two ways one do happily, relaxing way or do by taking or giving tension to others. why not set good examples for others by completing all tasks or new tasks happily. he always say that first figure out the problem then u can solve easily. first impression is the last impression so make yourself better by talking and look.what do u think?

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No matter how prepared we feel to look after ourselves or move out, there are always things we are unsure of. How do you work a washing machine, change a light bulb, get a stain out of a carpet? How to get council tax exception, put together or pack away furniture, or apply for a mortgage?

Here on TSR we're going to put some guides together on the skills a lot of us take for granted, and other have no idea how to do. What are things you'd like help with? No life skill is too small, don't be embarrassed, I'm still scared of changing a light bulb from fear of electrocution Post your ideas below!

- Top tips on renting a property
- Cooking Basics
- Dealing with Debt
- Budgeting Spreadsheet and Tips

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