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Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology at Manchester Uni

Hey, if anyone's a current or former student of those subjects at Manchester it'd be great if you could anwser a couple of questions for me.

Namely, what is the course like? I'm looking for one high in scientific content and the Manchester one seemed great. The prospectus gives a vague idea but not as much as I'd like.

Also, my two sciences are Biology and Maths - not Chemistry - but as the course asks for AAB and I'm predicted 4 A's (after a resit in maths, heh) d'you reckon I'd stand a reasonably good chance of bargaining to get onto the course? :biggrin:

Lastly, how reputable is the uni? I don't think admissions tutors would be too pleased if I emailed asking them that as well :redface: I hate it and feel like a bloody snob for even asking but unfortunately there is a lot of fuss attached to where you got your degree, regardless of how hard you worked.

Oh no wait I lie, thought of another question... what about the Historical Studies with Science and Psychology course, anyone know anything about that? It's on UCAS and their site but not in the prospectus. Thought it looked good though.

Sorry for inundating you guys with ridiculous amounts of questions :redface: But it is the next three years after all. Thanks for any help!
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I've just started that course, so I dunno what it's like but I do think there's a lot of science in it. And there's a couple of students that haven't done chemistry, so that's fine. I got 4 As as well and had no trouble getting in, I think the offers for it range between ABB and AAA so no worries there.
And Manchester is one of the top universities, yeah. I think it IS top in a lot of its departments but I forget
University of Manchester
University of Manchester
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Really?! I phoned them three times today with way too many annoying questions, they told me I needed at least AS Chemistry to do the Cog Neuro and Psych so now I'm considering opting into the lessons on Monday onwards :confused: They said it was because of the demands of the course and the timetabling meant that I couldn't catch up on the Chemistry whilst there.

Also, can you pick any optional modules outside the course? I forgot to ask them, heh. Cos at Nottingham you do 40 credits in other modules of your choice outside the course, I just wondered if it was the same at Manchester.

And feel free to PM me if you like, but just wondering, with 4 A's what made you choose Manchester over somewhere like Oxford?

Ta. :redface: x