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I Recently had my physics exam papers and I most likely did mess it up so bad. Physics has always been my strongest subject but this Exam has proved otherwise.

The breadth paper started off fine, I didn't find the multiple choice questions too bad, I thought the exam was finishing at a certain time (couldn't see the board), but the time I saw was 27 minutes earlier than the actual time so I had to go back and complete my rushed answers.
Although when it got to the Depth paper hell broke loose ( I skipped an entire paper worth 6-7 marks). The "Write a Practical" type questions made me sick.

I'm hoping to get an "A" at the end of the year, but with how my mocks went, I'll be lucky to get a C or a B in them.

For Anyone who did OCR A last year, Can you give me some revision advice or sources that could help? I've got 2+ Months to go from a C to an A.

I've finished the specification apart from De Broglie's equation, so I need to start knuckling down. I'm fairly confident with the content it's just the questions in the exam are just abysmal.

Thanks in Advance!
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Hi there, Read the email I sent out to students at my school during Christmas holidays but it should be relevant. I'm an A2 student studying OCR A physics, and I got an A in AS last year.
My notes should be able to be accessed from here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...VE?usp=sharing
Combined papers are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...WM?usp=sharing

Dear Year 13s and Year 12 physicists,For the year 13's that kept physics this year, and to the year 12's that are still discovering the immense amount of content they still have left to cover, I had made some revision notes last year for AS physics. I had sent them out last year, but I have updated them slightly to correct any mistakes, so if any year 13 still uses them to revise last years content use these instead. So the year 12's I'm not sure how much you have covered but I've attached all the notes I made last year. They should cover all modules in the spec. Just for your benefit the sources where I made my notes from are listed below:1. Kerboodle Book,2. CGP revision guide3. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%...52B0C4A25ADAAA4. https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/sho....php?t=35172295. http://www.mathsmadeeasy.myzen.co.uk...aves-Notes.pdfThere were probably more sources that I used. I essentially read them all, as well as using the mark schemes of past papers to make my notes. In all honesty one of them is never enough, such as the kerboodle book, they often add a lot of unnecessary content, whilst the CGP book sometimes skip a topic or doesn't explain it in full. I advise you to read many sources until you find the best explanation of a topic that is correct and that you understand fully. Thus don't only rely on the revision notes I have made.Now onto exam technique. This is a problem a lot of students have, and the only way to solve this problem, is by obviously doing the past papers. This might be difficult if you haven't completed all the modules. So for this very reason, there are topic packs available on this site, that I recommend you use for revision:http://cowenphysics.com/revision-resources/exam-packs/
Another concern for students at this time could be which papers to do. So I hope you are all aware, we are now studying the new OCR A H556 course. There is only one past paper (the one we did) available but there are spec papers available on OCRs website: http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications...556-from-2015/
Now that is not enough so you resort to the past papers from the old H558 course.The papers relevant for year 12s are G481 (mechanics) and G482 (electricity) and parts of G484 (newtons laws, collisions and other stuff)I'm guessing all of mechanics is covered in school by now so I recommend you complete all the G481 papers ASAP.Again do the topic packs if you haven't covered everything yet. There will also be Multiple choice questions in the new style papers. So to practice these check the lick below and go into the CIE folder. There are MCQ's questions there, from another exam board, that is similar to OCR style questions so they are good practice. The link below is a very extensive one so save it and use it, and credit to that goes to *** in year 13 for making it:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5...3BpSDJFQ3VpNTQFor those that get the papers done, also check the link above for the old old spec (yh old x2) for the legacy papers. The markschemes are there too. I've also attached some combined papers which is just all the papers for G482 and the old wave-properties papers in one file for ease.All the best,Suhayl

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