Anyone applied/studying Electronic Engineering?

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I have applied for Electronic Engineering course but my biggest worry is that I am making a mistake by not taking an Electrical and Electronic Engineering course, I have to make a choice between Westminister or Portsmouth and the latter option seems like a better uni overall.

Is anyone here studying Electronic Engineering or planning to start this year ? What's your take on this ? Is studying Electrical and Electronic the safer option ? As I think it makes sense that it will present me with more opportunities when it comes to finding a job. I'm quite certain that I will want to specialize in Electronics anyways as I'm more interested in it than Electrical, but if you're desperate to find a job then I think it will be nice to have more options.
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Hello BrotherNero

I'm in my Masters year studying Electronic Engineering at the University of Portsmouth (been studying here for 4 years now) and I think I can help you with your question.

In my opinion you do not have to worry for not taking an Electrical and Electronic course, as the only difference would be that you will also do a subject related to power engineering, and in the end, your electronic knowledge can also be applied to Power as well.

Funny enough, after I finished my BEng in Electronic Engineering I've actually went and did a one year internship with General Electric working in Power Distribution Engineering for them, even though my background was electronics, but as I said, the knowledge you will gain as an Electronic Engineer at Portsmouth is wide enough that you will be ready to adapt to any job description that relates to your subject. As such I'll say again that you do not have to worry about your degree not saying "Electrical" as well on it, you will still be highly employable, and Portsmouth is definitely a great choice to make.

Somebody else also asked about some basic info on Portsmouth in another thread, and I'll past my reply here again as I think it will be of interest to you as well:

Stats wise, Portsmouth students that finish any technological degree have an employability rate of 93% in the first 6 months after graduating, one of the highest in the country. Portsmouth might not be as prestigious as Cambridge or Oxford, but when it comes to hands on, practical engineering, is one of the most appreciated by industry and of the best places to be.

Portsmouth is an amazing place to study Electronic Engineering because its modern approach to teaching, its labs, and all the great equipment it has, making it a very good learning environment for a future engineer. All you learn in lectures also comes with a practical task to do - what we call Project Based Learning - so you get relevant hands on experience in every field you study: digital and analogue electronics, microwave electronics, signal processing etc.

All this projects that you work on will give practical skills to put on your CV, and that is exactly what the companies want to see, that you've actually worked on something, and built projects on your own. I've already secured a job for myself, and have been through all the interviewing process and I can say that the companies were very impressed with all the practical things I have done at university and my hands on experience in all the different fields I've studied, and this definitely gave me an edge over the other applicants.

Portsmouth as a city is an amazing place for a young engineer as well, because there are a lot of big engineering companies that are based within Portsmouth. Companies like: IBM, BAE systems, Airbus, Rolls Royce, all have sites in the Portsmouth city area, and they always try to get students from Portsmouth on their postgraduate programs.

I am very proud to be a student at Portsmouth and it has been a great experience for me. The university offered me much more than I expected, and it got me ready for everything that the industry will throw at me. Also, Portsmouth is a beautiful city, cheap to live as well, and an overall great place for a student.

So I guess I'm a bit subjective but I definitely recommend Portsmouth University when it comes to studying any Engineering related subject. If you are committed and try to do your best here, there will definitely be a lot of companies that will want you as their employee, and by then not having the "Electrical" title in your degree will not matter at all.

Hope I was able to help.

Kind Regards,

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