IGCSE single award vs double award science

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Hi all,
I want to complete 5 gcse subjects to apply for a medical school. they will be as a private candidate. there is a big confusion for me between single and double science award.

single science awards = phy, chem, bio (3 papers and two IGCSE grades given)

double science awards = phy, chem, bio (3 papers and two grades given )

3 sciences ( 2 GCSEs) + ENGLISH + MATHS = 4 GCSEs

if i go for three sciences and english and maths, it will give me 4 gcse in total. please correct me if i am wrong and also guide me which one to go for, eithter single science or double science.

Edu Kate
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Hi Student3131,
I'm not sure which exam board you are sitting with but with the EDEXCEL exams the Double Award Science is worth 2 GCSE's and covers two thirds of the full syllabus for all 3 sciences (2/3 of Biology, 2/3 of Chemistry 2/3 of Physics).
The Single Award is worth 1 GCSE though it still covers all three sciences the syllabus is less than the Double Award (approx half of the full sciences).
The single and the double are only different in how many topics you have to study, the difficulty level remains the same for all of the sciences, it's just the quantity of study that is different and this is reflected in how many GCSE's it is worth.
So if you are looking to study in Medicine then science is important, and if you need 5 GCSE's then the double award (worth 2) + English Language and Maths = 4 GCSE's. You will need one more GCSE to make 5.
Perhaps consider doing all three separate sciences in full (1 GCSE each = 3) or doing Human Biology in addition to your double award (Double + Human Bio = 3 GCSE's). Hope this helps

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