I need real advice on UCL Social cognition(MSc).

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The reputation of the course makes little difference. What males the difference is the content, your grades, whether or not you have experience and your refs. So choose the course that will help with all of that and don't just go by reputation. The chances of your getting a job as an international student (unless it's less than 20h a week) are slim to none so don't plan on that. An MSc project typically involves a project but if you want more research experience maybe consider an MRes?
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Hi, everyone

I am a psychology major student in South Korea.
Now I am concerning about entering postgraduate program at UCL MSc Social Cognition: Research and Implications.

However, considering its enormous tuition fee for international students, I want to confirm its worth.

(I also checked out the program modules and entry requirement but I could not find information about real students' life.)

As a student who pursuing academic career, I wish to enter MSc which can be good foundation for future PhD.
I plan to specify my research area(for PhD) to 'Social Neuroscience' or 'Social Cognition'.

So, my questions are:

1. Is the reputation of UCL MSc Social Cognition high in UK?

2. Is there some opportunities for me to conduct empirical research project?
Because I know the research experience is critical for entering PhD, program environment which can offer me research experience is my number-one priority.

3. Is the quality of the MSc program worth spending £2,400?

4. Would it be possible(or common) for international students who finish their MSc at UCL to work in laboratory in UK? or even UCL?

5. Which one would be better choice regarding my future goal, MSc Social Neuroscience in Germany(2 year course with no tuition fee) Vs MSc Social Cognition at UCL.

Any advice from Current UCL students or anyone who is familiar with this program would be great help for me.

Thanks in advance!

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