What are the best case studies for AQA A2 volcanoes + earthquakes

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-Insert complaint about rubbish teacher who doesn't give us any help on case studies-

So, I've been trying to fill out my case studies I did back in October time as i feel they are quite empty. My biggest problem is finding info about volcano management as i can't seem to find much on it. I wanted to do Montserrat (for LEDC) as it is in my revision guide so i have a bunch of info on it about impacts and its nature, however the management part is TINY. I've also looked at Mount Pinatubo, but info on google for management on that one also seems scarce. I'm coming across the same problem for earthquakes as well (Lots of info, but little on management).

Any advice on the best case study to do for each one, particularly ones where there is lots of info on management. I don't care about ditching my old case studies and starting one on a completely new place, so any suggestions are welcome! (Although preferably not Mount St Helens as it was over 30 years ago, which the spec is a bit iffy on)

Many thanks!!
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(Original post by Laurenloops)
Any advice on the best case study to do for each one, particularly ones where there is lots of info on management.
Hi! I'm currently studying A2 Edexcel Geography, so I can't be specific about AQA but the good thing is that most of the case studies are likely to be shared/accepted by both exam boards! My teacher gave us this resource. It's on the right page, just scroll down and (near the top) there are lots of links about tectonic activity and there are some case studies too.

I also found this on earthquakes and this on volcanoes. I think they're aimed at GCSE students but if you do a bit of extra research and add some more details in then you should be able to use them for your exam.

Again, I'm not really sure about the mandatory case studies for AQA (if there are any) so you should double check that - the best place to look is in your textbook, these are usually really rich in case studies. But these should get you well on your way

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