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Hi guys this is my final ever spanish writing and if possible i reallt want it to be perfect, if any high leveled spanish students or native speakers could translate this for me it would help so much thankyou.

If i had a lot of money my ideal holiday would be extrodinary. If i could chose a country to travel to i would visit Italy and tour Rome or san marino as they are vintage and beautiful sites to look at. I would like to tour the city on a little boat on the streams and teaste their delicious food, preferably seafood. I alsso love the langauage as its very calming and soft, if i could be speak anyvlanguage it would be italien. During my ideal holiday i would alsovlike to cruise around italy on a private cruise ship with my closest friends. Although this would be perfect, i also enjoy a chilled holiday were i would just go to the beach with friends and chat alot. Money isnt a big deal to me therefore id rather value the people around me rather than materialistic and short term items.

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