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    you make your own meaning sweetheart through the choices you make in life;
    we live in a universe goverened by chance; everything happens due to chance, then we are presented with a choice, we are free to make a decision, the concequences of that decision we dont know but is the only real way to define what is right and wrong; as everything else is defined by social norms;
    reject society and make your own truth
    dont wait about for someone to tell you the answer, enjoy the ride of life, and learn through your mistakes; theres no better way of learning and growing.
    theres no one meaning to life, we all have different chances, therefore different choices, therefore our meanings are different
    All the best

    any1 ever had the strange moment in which theyve thought 'what if nothing existed'

    (Original post by emmz)
    any1 ever had the strange moment in which theyve thought 'what if nothing existed'
    Sometimes, but it sort of reaks me out cause I end up hypothesing things for like hours...

    (Original post by Leekey)
    So your advice to the male youth of the nation is to impregnate as many young women as they can??? As much fun as this sounds, I don't think its the best idea...
    Read "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins.

    He devotes an entire chapter to this topic, covering in great detail the ins and outs (no pun intended) of being a "loose" or "coy" female or male in a particular population.

    The short answer to your question is "no", but for the long answer, I suggest you consult the legend that is that nice señor Dawkins. He has all the answers



    (Original post by rahaydenuk)
    By asking the above question, you are assuming one key thing, which is that life has a meaning. A 'meaning' in this sense is merely a human requirement, what makes you think that the functionality of the universe would also have such requirements?
    "The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all. This puts one in accord with nature, in her manner of operation"

    ah....John Cage.

    What a perfect procrastination excuse eh? :rolleyes:

    I read a really depressing article which suggested that the universe is just attempting to get back to a zero energy state so increasing complex systems are created to basically use up energy. This is the only reason for our existence.

    (Original post by moose_9_99)
    What is the Meaning of Life? Other than a movie by Monty Python, great movie but in all seriousness. If anyone has any ideas then put them down or just make up something. In my opinion the meaning of life is to live a happy life and that is all that matters. Peace!
    This is easy, the meaning of life is a contest between good sex and chocolate biscuits.

    Mystery solved!

    Part 1

    (Original post by Darkness)
    Before I address your comments concerning a flat earth, I would like to make you aware of a certain verse from the Koran (note: I had to snip your verses otherwise the thread would be too long and wouldn't post):

    "And the earth, moreover, Hath He made egg shaped." 79:30
    1) Wrong, the earth is not egg shaped, see http://answering-islam.org.uk/Quran/...earth_egg.html

    As for the rest of its scientific accuracy:

    Are There Seven Earths? - http://answering-islam.org.uk/Quran/...en_earths.html

    Is Thinking Located In the Breasts? - http://answering-islam.org.uk/Quran/Contra/qe010.html

    (Original post by Darkness)
    I will further overlook your comments from the Ilhiad, because the Koran teaches its followers not to follow any other scripture other than the Koran, because these are not sanctioned by God (and are not authored by him).
    WRONG READ THE QURAN AGAIN (by the way some muslims would say you are not a true muslim because you spell koran when it should be spelled as "qur'an" hmmm):

    2:87 "We gave Moses the Book and followed him up with a succession of messengers"

    2:97 "Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel-for he brings down the to your heart by Allah's will, a confirmation of what went before, and guidance and glad tidings for those who believe"

    5:46-47 "And in their footsteps We sent Jesus the son of Mary, confirming the Law that had come before him: We sent him the Gospel: therein was guidance and light, and confirmation of the Law that had come before him: a guidance and an admonition to those who fear Allah. Let the people of the Gospel judge by what Allah has revealed therein. If any do fail to judge by what Allah has revealed, they are those who rebel."

    3:3 It is He Who sent down to you in truth, the Book, confirming what went before it; and He sent down the Law and the Gospel before this, as a guide to mankind, and He sent down the criterion.

    4:136 O ye who believe! Believe in Allah and His Messenger, and the scripture which He hath sent to His Messenger and the scripture which He sent to those before. Any who denieth Allah, His angels, His Books, His Messenger., and the Day of Judgment, hath gone far, far astray.


    Well what is some muslims' excuse for ignoring these verses? It's that Allah allowed the Jews and other conspirators to magically (or using super ninja stealth and speed using their devious masterful forgery expertise) to corrupt all the thousands and thousands of ancient copies of the scriptures everywhere so that they all magically agreed with eachother on all the major issues and contradict the quran. Conveniently however many muslims (apparently not Darkness) point to the scriptures as prophecying Muhammed (no peace be upon his head chopping self). They also claim such and such verse proves this and that verse in the quran is true, why? cuz it agrees with the quran. What fine logic. So as long as it agrees with the quran it must be true.

    (Original post by Darkness)
    The examples you mention do not, in any way shape or form, debunk modern scientific theory--in fact they support it, and here is why:

    1. Earth made as a carpet? May I refer to another Surah which also mentions and elaborates this "And God has made the earth for you as a carpet (spread out)." [71:19] But the sentence in the above verse is not complete. It continues in the next verse, explaining the previous verse. It says: "That ye may go about therein, in spacious roads." [71:20]
    1) Spacious roads do not = the earth isn't flat. What kind of stupid reasoning is that?

    2) Assuming the earth is spread out like a carpet (since the sura says so) you pointing out that it also says it's shaped like an egg only points out a contradiction or that Allah is poor at expressing himself CLEARLY which would mean the quran is in error when it claims to be clear. Did Allah mean sections of the earth SEEM flat? If that's what he meant... BIG DEAL, wow big revelation Allah is telling us the ground seems flat, wow he must be God indeed amen.

    For those of you who don't know a variant translation BY A MUSLIM SCHOLAR AND APPARENTLY ONE OF THE BEST TRANSLATORS ISLAM HAD TO OFFER TRANSLATED SURA 71:19 AS "(HE) IS THE BEST SPREADER." Wow, indeed I am so impressed that he is the best spreader. For those of you who don't know the quran claims to be the most eloquent of all books, I wonder how eloquent it sounds in arabic to claim to be the excellent spreader or best spreader or a spreader period. I'm an excellent spreader! I must be god! ). Allah is so devoid of creativity or stuck in infantile boastings that one of the things he boasts about is his spreading ability, he's really impressing the girls with that one, ok I admit it I get girls all the time boasting about my excellent spreading ability, p.t.p.

    Part 2
    (Original post by Darkness)
    A similar message is repeated in Surah TaHa: "He Who has made for you the earth like a carpet spread out; has enabled you to go about therein by roads (and channels)...." [20:53] The surface of the earth i.e. earth's crust is less than 30 miles in thickness and is very thin as compared to the radius of the earth which is about 3750 miles. The deeper layers of the earth are very hot, fluid and hostile to any form of life. The earth's crust is a solidified shell on which we can live. The Koran rightly refers to it like a carpet spread out, so that we can travel along its roads and paths.
    1) What the hell kind of stupidity is this? The earth is spread out like a FLAT carpet on a round egg (hold on I have to puke), and because he's enabled us to go about on roads on the surface that from this we can deduce that "THE EARTH'S CRUST IS LESS THAT 30 MILES IN THICKNESS AND IS VERY THIN AS COMPARED TO THE RADIUS OF MARS WHICH HAS POLAR ICE CAPS WHICH WE CAN MELT WITH NUCLEAR MISSILES AND TRANSPORT THE WATER BACK THEREBY GIVING WATER TO THE STARVING PEOPLE IN AFRICA AND MY DAD". Can we say "I need to sleep before posting time wasting garbage". If that's how the quran teaches to reason than no wonder muslims have such a hard time figuring out what science means and keeping out of the (figurative) stone age without jewish, euro, and american help.

    2) Aside from Darkness making the quran say something it doesn't and appear stupider than it already looks to people who are smarter than allah, MANY PEOPLE LIVE UNDERGOUND, it's called a basement, I guess allah didn't forsee basements and forgot about cellars. I guess his eyes were unable to penetrate the ground to see caves, artificial passage ways, and entire homes made underground. I guess he wasn't able to forsee the u.s.a.'s underground
    military cities, malls, mansions, under bridges and deep oil wells. Apparently allah also forgot about the submarines which were previously invented by the people who lived in noah's time (for those of you ignorant about advanced civilizations before out time brush up) and the few that existed before the civil war. I guess he forgot about ocean going ships, airplanes, and rockets. Allah must be indulging in all that (satanically created) rivers of wine that muslims are getting drunk on with their "virginal" "undeflowered" woman who's eyes are like "sheltered eggs" or those who prefer the "young servant boys".

    3) Did allah the all powerful realize that he could have made mankind able to withstand the heat of lava like some bacteria (extromphiles) and build us like moles? I guess he felt constrained by the limit of his creativity.

    4) Allah said he spread the earth NOT THE CRUST. OOOOOOOOOOOOOPS. Stop makin **** up.

    (Original post by Darkness)
    2. Carpet[strike] can also be spread on other than an absolute flat surface. Not a single verse of the Koran says that the earth is flat.
    1) I don't make a habit of spreading my carpet out on a egg shaped floor and making it wrap around it.

    (Original post by Darkness)
    The Koran only compares the earth's crust with a carpet.
    1) No problem, but does he mean the whole crust, or sections? Someone send a letter to him please.

    (Original post by Darkness)
    Some people seem to think that carpet can only be put on an absolute flat surface. It is possible to spread a carpet on a large sphere such as the earth.
    1) Yeah, and it would have big gaps on the side, IT SAYS HE "SPREAD" NOT WRAPPED. Allah may be a good spreader but he isn't the best at consistancy.

    (Original post by Darkness)
    It can easily be demonstrated
    Blah blah blah, just kidding

    [QUOTE=Darkness]by taking a huge model of the earth's globe covering it with a carpet.1) And then you'd have gaps on the side UNLESS OF COURSE YOU WRAPPED IT LIKE ALLAH FORGOT TO SAY.

    2) Didn't Allah say the earth was EGG SHAPED and not A GLOBE? Can you be consistant?

    (Original post by Darkness)
    Carpet[strike] is [are (not is)] generally put on a surface, which is not very comfortable to walk on.
    Or which some people just feel like covering for decoration, to dampen echos, or slide around on. Ooops.

    (Original post by Darkness)
    The Koran describes the earth crust as a carpet, without which human beings would not be able to survive because of the hot, fluid and hostile environment beneath it.
    Unless allah built us like extremophile bacteria, worms, moles, and or fish or birds with wings that don't tire of of beating often like a hummingbird or our hearts and kept the wind going so that we could hover for extremely long times as some birds are able to (up to six days for some). Give allah more credit, or do you not think that highly of him?

    (Original post by Darkness)
    The Koran is thus not only logical, it is mentioning a scientific fact that was discovered by geologists centuries later.
    1) And yet telling us the earth (means crust?) was spread out like a carpet is not miraculous

    2) nor is it impressive to everyone

    3) the REAL miracles in the bible do not necessarily rely on impressing people to persuage them to be christians, but rather because what happened was impossible NOT UNLIKELY like someone knowing the earth had a crust. On the other hand your amazing evidence counts on people being wowed

    4) You imply geologists did not discover the earth had a crust whenever, geologists or no geologists people had the capability to dig and drill back then AND BEFORE THE WORLD WAS ENTIRELY FLOODED, knowledge was passed down through Noah, and despite what you think technology wasn't a slow progression to what we have today, advanced civilizations came and went a few times, their knowledge was often spread about. There are a few ancient maps that survive to this day INCLUDING PART OF AN ANCIENT 3D MAP OF THE WORLD found in Russia.

    (Original post by Darkness)
    3. Earth has been spread out similarly, the Koran says in several verses that the earth has been spread out. "And the Earth - we have stretched it out like a carpet; and how smoothly have we spread it
    Is it my imagination or did you already make this false point?

    Part 3
    (Original post by Darkness)
    [51:48] Similarly the Koran also mentions in several other verses that the earth is an expanse: "Have We not made the earth as a wide expanse" "And the mountains as pegs?"

    The mountains don't peg the crust in place, mountains are not pegs. Not very scientifically accurate. How about upside down pegs? But than what would they be begging the crust to? Oh yeah the "seven heavens" the quran says allah made.

    (Original post by Darkness)
    None of these verses of the Koran contain even the slightest implication that the earth is flat.
    Again, does earth mean crust, or does earth mean the planet earth?

    (Original post by Darkness)
    It only indicates that the earth is spacious and the reason for this spaciousness of the earth is mentioned.
    1) Huh? You said the reason it indicates the earth is spacious is because allah couldn't [design us] to swim in lava and walk on top of earth or below it or fly above it. Not only is the quran not consistant but neither are your explanations.

    2) The earth would be spacious without a crust overlaying it, duh? Putting a layer on a solid ball or layered ball or egg would make it more spacious. However allah doesn't say he spread out a crust to make the earth MORE spacious. He says "that ye may go about therein, in spacious roads".

    3) Allah doesn't say he spread out the crust to make the earth spacious period, he said he did it so "that ye may go about therein, in spacious ROADS". So yeah, he did it so we could have nice n wide roadage as opposed to tiny bitty narrow ones, thank allah for that good ole crust.

    (Original post by Darkness)
    The Glorious Koran says: "O My servants who believe! truly. spacious is My Earth: therefore serve ye Me ? (And Me alone)!" [29:56]
    Therefore none can give the excuse, that he could not do good and was forced to do evil because of the surroundings and circumstances.
    1) See above statements about allah's lack of apparent creative design ability.

    2) You heard it folks, without that crust we'd be forced to do evil. Those poor extremophile bacteria, being forced to do evil. So babies are being tempted to do evil when they are confined to cribs? People in jail are forced to do evil because they are in a little space? Since when does having a small room or lack of spaciousness = being forced to do evil? Sounds like an angry racist arab "the jew stole my land" mindset there, not logical thinking.

    3) Believe in allah because he made gave us alot of land to make spacious roads... what the? Believe in Jesus because he is God and God made the whole universe and has the power to destroy not just your body like evil deluded muslims who love chopping off your head and ransoming female iraqi
    charity workers or raping black christian women and setting there homes on fire and cutting their babies out, BUT WHO CAN DESTROY YOUR SOUL AS WELL, as Jesus taught, in the trustworthy bible (as the quran says it is).

    [QUOTE=Darkness]4. Earth is geospherical in shape.QUOTE]

    See above.

    (Original post by Darkness)
    What you must understand is that the Koran is written in a poetic, rather than scientific manner of language.
    Not according to many of your muslim scholars and non scholar brothers or the Allah:

    36:69-70 We have not instructed the (Prophet) in Poetry, nor is it meet for him: this is no less than a Message and a Qur'an making things clear: That it may give admonition to any (who are) alive, and that the charge may be proved against those who reject (Truth).

    And not that Allah and Muhammed (no peace be upon him) calling you a liar isn't enough, but:

    "Arabs boasted about their language. They were eloquent people who used to compose beautiful poetry, still read and appreciated today. And men of wisdom, people with literary and spiritual insight, who were honest enough to themselves, knew that Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) was an unlearned person who couldn’t read or write, couldn’t sign his own name, who never went to any School and grew up in front of them, also knew that the Quran was not poetry. It was something par excellence. They, therefore, recognized and accepted the Quran as a genuine miracle emanating from the God Almighty." - http://www.scienceprovesislam.com/miracle.htm

    Obviously stupid logic is a constant throughout history, because Allah didn't do poetry it therefore meant he wrote it... sure thing. And so much for the quran claiming allah gave the (POETIC) psalms to david.

    By the way another muslim sight contradicts what the quote I posted from scienceprovesislam.com/miracle.htm in this response:

    "The Muslim scholars derived the illiteracy concept for Muhammad from verses 7:157-158 of the Quran. They say that the word ummy means illiterate. It is true that in today’s standard Arabic,

    "illiterate" is one of the meaning of this word. But this is not a compelling evidence, since "gentile" is also another meaning of it. In fact, if we study the Quran carefully where this word is found, its usage has always been in the context of "the people of the scripture" vs. "the gentiles" (see for example 3:20, 3:75, 62:2, 2:78). It is even possible to surmise that the "illiterate" meaning is secondary. It came to be used after the Quran was revealed, since it is reasonable to deduct "illiterate" as the opposite of "those who can read." This in turn may well be coming from "those who read the book," or "those who received the book," or "the people of the book" (ahl al-Kitab), which is precisely the opposite of "the gentiles."

    It is interesting that in his book "Sirat Rasul Allah," the 8th century historian Ibn Ishaq also recorded a written communication between Prophet Muhammad and one of his contemporaries. Ibn Ishaq wrote one of the earliest chronicles of Islam (he was born in Medina some 85 years after the Hijra), and his book predates hadith collections by at least a century. Of course, as with any historical records (of which the hadith collection is one), we must apply a certain degree of judgment. Our primary criterion is of course information from God’s revelation, i.e. the Quran. Therefore, some things that Ibn Ishaq (or anyone else for that matter) wrote, which clearly disagree with the Quran, we can easily reject. On the other hand, other records that support the Quran can be accepted as part of history. What follows, therefore, is a historical record from early Islam." - http://www.submission.org/illiteracy.html

    By the way did any of you catch that good ole muslim logic for what constitutes true history and what doesn't... "Therefore, some things that Ibn Ishaq (or anyone else for that matter) wrote, which clearly disagree with the Quran, we can easily reject. On the other hand, other records that support the Quran can be accepted as part of history."

    (Original post by Darkness)
    In fact, it was intended as a book of poetry--not one of science, although this does not deny the many scientific facts contained within..
    Well aside from exposing this guy as both a liar (before the entire carpet, I mean crust, I mean earth) and how irrational and inconsistant he is and how muslims are hardly in agreement, he is also defeating his own argument against the bible and showing his double standards. For the bible uses poetry, not only that it uses figurative language. So when you hold the bible to be false because it makes statements that appear to be saying the world is flat or that the sun goes around the earth you are claiming the quran is wrong as well as it many times uses figurative speech.

    Part 4
    (Original post by Darkness)
    Bearing this in mind, the Koran does a magnificent job enlightening us with these facts and certainly God challenges any human to recreate just one chapter from it if Mohammed or any other man invented it. The language and style alone is enough to suggest that it is a divine revelation but we will argue on grounds of science as this is what pleases you.
    No the arguing about science is over, you've shown yourself as well as the quran and other muslims to be confused liars who can't keep a straight story. Now about that eloquent language style lol, you wanna go there? Sure thing:

    1) Eloquence is just a tad hard to measure, I suppose you would have a world wide vote taken or decibel reader placed in front of an audience to measure how loudly they clap. I no how about doing the ole "on a scale of 1-10 how eloquent would you say the quran is, now on a scale of 1-10 how eloquent was the bible, now on a scale of 1-10 how eloquent was shakespear" deal.

    2) Not all muslims educated and uneducated, or non muslims agree that the quran is eloquent and believe other works are more eloquent.

    3) Allah's challenge was met, however a few (thousand?) of his followers pressured AOL to take it off the net, but cool HERE IT IS AGAIN: http://members.aol.com/suralikeit

    4) You are contradicted by another muslim as to what allah meant by his challenge: http://www.submission.org/challenge.html

    5) The quran has grammar errors, missing words, meaningless words (or conveniently rather one's only allah knows and which is forbidden to ask the meanings of... what the hell?), To see how messed up the quran is go to http://debate.domini.org/newton/grammar.html and http://answering-islam.org.uk/Quran/Miracle/index.html

    6) http://www.submission.org/challenge.html was refuted at http://www.reachingforchrist.org/fal...ons/islam2.php and refuted logically by the fact the quran has missing words, MEANINGLESS WORDS, missing sura's, grammatically incorrect sentences, and missing qualifiers.

    7) Furthermore http://www.submission.org/challenge.html was refuted by me:

    a) Not being able to duplicate WHAT IS AMAZING TO SOME let alone an amazing (to some) mathematical structure to a sura or verse or poem or whatever is does not mean what could not be duplicated came from God or Allah. For example, if I can't replicate the 3 largest pyramids of Egypt by someone who claims it was made by God or Allah or whoever, would that mean God or Allah or a god or alien made the pyramids? Stupid logic, so stupid. And it just slips right past you guys.

    b) the 19 thing is not a miracle by definition of what miracle means. A miracle
    ISN'T AN IMPROBABLE EVENT alone, otherwise predestined coincidences all over the place constantly happening would qualify as miracles. By definition a miracle is,


    An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God: “Miracles are spontaneous, they cannot be summoned, but come of themselves” (Katherine Anne Porter)."

    The suras were not recorded spontaneously let alone being unexplainable. The suras were written down MANY YEARS AFTER MUHAMMED DIED, there was plenty of time to rework them. Not only that but many were lost and many were deliberately removed for political reasons as is was recorded by muslim records FIRST (as far as anyone knows now) (not those evil british and american imperialists).

    8) It's funny what I quote him saying after what I am about to say... "HOW ALIKE DID ALLAH SAY MY COPY OF HIS SURA CAN BE, CAN IT BE DIFFERENT BY 1 LETTER, HOW ABOUT 2, HOW ABOUT BY ONE WORD, OR IS

    IT ALLOWED TO BE DIFFERENT BY 3, HOW ABOUT 4, 5? Hey Allah can you be a little more specific, your challenge is just a tad vague.

    (Original post by Darkness)
    The fact of the matter is that the Koran is not ambiguous at all.
    Sure, which is why the webmaster at submission.org claims that allah's challenge was really a challenge to duplicate his 19 math puzzle miracle and yet you say his challenge is to duplicate his eloquent poetry which allah says isn't poetry. So much for clarity. Must only be clear in arabic, dang, gotta learn arabic because his word is impossible to translate correctly into other languages according to another muslim [scholar?], "In general, Muslims will agree that the Koran can never be correctly translated, and that the Arabic original is the only version that is correct." - http://www.lexicorient.com/e.o/koran.htmsura

    On that point alone the bible out does the quran in that it's able to be translated highly accurately and not just by dynamic equivalance (which many muslim translators claim they arn't doing apparently but are doing).

    For anyone taking up this challenge keep in mind you have the option of leaving out words necessary to complete a sentence, USING WORDS THAT MEAN THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THEY SAY, and using words which only allah knows the meaning of, but since allah isn't giving anymore revelation (according to some sura's) using words that only you know the meaning of will suffice.

    (Original post by Darkness)
    Does athiesm get it entirely right? I would like you to click the following link (as I clicked yours) and search for the heading 'GOD: THE NEW SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE' and you will see that athiest views of the universe do not get it entirely right, in fact far from it: http://members.aol.com/silence004/koran.html
    Pathetic, you know what's sad is this Darkness person either doesn't realize how muslims entirely used christian made rebuttals against atheism and who were directed to atheists' rebuttals to evolution BY CHRISTIANS. More throrough and exhaustive than http://members.aol.com/silence004/koran.html is http://answersingenesis.org http://carm.org http://christian-thinktank.com and


    Now in response to any wannabe wise men and people who think they've magically come across so called contradictions in the bible who post and repost them without bothering to check to see if they really are valid, first look at this and deal with the explanations: http://christian-thinktank.com/tuffq.html , http://answering-islam.org.uk/Bible/Contra , http://answersingenesis.org , and http://www.carm.org/bible_difficulties.htm

    Now as for christians not agreeing, that does not disprove the bible is true anymore than muslims disagreeing would prove the quran untrue or math teachers disagreeing proving a mathbook untrue. But as some of you may have noticed from this post, or from researching muslim arguments, that they are a jumbled mess, and ALWAYS leaving out explanations for contradictions that keep being brought up. An excellent example is one of the most well layed out islamic defense sites:


    Notice anything missing? Oh just a 45 rebuttals of 49 listed contradictions in the quran. So what is taking the muslim scholars so long to get it together? Christians have been prepared for years and responded to most if not all the contradictions centuries ago. So what's up with the muslim geniuses, didn't the quran and allah make them wiser than those lying confused catholics (most muslims think all christians are catholics hah)?

    Part 5 Anyone interested in seeing what one of the worst, most disorganized islamic defense sites on the net are (it's funny and disgusting how the webmaster of that site thinks he's fooling anyone but other musims, 6 year olds, alzheimers patients, and the mentally ill)? For those of you who'd rather not visit a hatemonger's nutty mess of a site here is a snippet at how disturbed and evil this person is:

    "After you finish this article, also please visit:

    Prophet Muhammad is a Murderer for KILLING the enemies? WHAT ABOUT THE BIBLE'S PROPHETS' MURDERS that were blessed by GOD?...

    Girls at the age of 3 were forced into sex in both the Talmud and the Bible. Also, the age consent in US and Europe was as low as 10:...

    Moses' Commands for pedophilia against 3-year old slave girls do count against the Bible!...

    The Quotes and Proofs for Pedophilia...

    Numbers 31:17-18 'Now kill all the boys [innocent kids]. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man'....

    Is the GOD of Israel a pedophile? Quick side Note:

    Numbers 31:35-40 '[From the captives of war] 32,000 women who had never slept with a man.......of which the tribute for the LORD was 32 [among them were virgin girls].'

    Even though GOD Almighty's share of the 32 virgin girls is metaphoric, meaning that He didn't come down and have sex with them, but if any wants to call Prophet Muhammad a pedophile or womanizer

    for marrying (not forcing into sex) a young girl and marrying multiple women throughout his life, then he should not only call his Biblical Prophets as such, but also the GOD of Israel Himself!"

    Well "pro sex and marraige with a 6 year old girl man" you're right, Muhammed who said, in sura 2:191

    "And kill them wherever you find and catch them. Drive them out from where they have turned you out; for Al-Fitnah (polytheism, disbelief, oppression) is worse than slaughter.”


    3:140 “If you have received a blow and have been wounded, be sure a similar wound has hurt others. Such days We give to men and men by turns: that Allah may know those who believe, and that He

    may take to Himself from your ranks Martyrs."


    9:23 "O ye who believe! Choose not your fathers nor your brethren for friends if they take pleasure in disbelief rather than faith. Whoso of you taketh them for friends, such are



    9:113 "It is not for the Prophet, and those who believe, to pray for the forgiveness of idolaters even yough they may be near of kin after it hath become clear that they are people of



    9:14 "Fight them, and Allah will punish them by your hands, cover them with shame"


    9:29 “Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission."


    Ishaq:464 “The Jews were made to come down, and Allah’s Messenger imprisoned them. Then the Prophet went out into the marketplace of Medina, and he had trenches dug in it. He sent for the Jewish

    men and had them beheaded in those trenches. They were brought out to him in batches. They numbered 800 to 900 boys and men.”


    Tabari VIII:40 “The Messenger commanded that furrows should be dug in the ground for the Qurayza. Then he sat down. Ali and Zubayr began cutting off their heads in his presence.” and sura 8:60

    "Strike terror the enemies of Allah and your enemies" sure wasn't forcing anyone to turn over their daughter to him when he asked.

    Nope, he was a perectly reasonable and kind guy.

    Note that Osama looks to me like he may have made a major revision to his "pedophilia is ok" site, the last time I looked it claimed the Jews stuck there fingers into their daughters vagina according to the bible to prove they were virgins and that this showed they were pedophiles. No surprise it's been removed. He said he was mind was shocked when he read those verses (yeah just as shocked to find yourself adding your lie to Numbers 31 "[innnocent kids]".

    You see, Osama the webmaster of answering-christianity.com doesn't care about the truth, his interest is in using reasons to justify the crimes of muhammed and errors in the quran (let alone illogical and flawed ones) TO GET EVEN, not to spread the truth. His reasoning goes like this, "well the bible said it so it must be ok" "well the talmud says its ok to molest 3 year old girls so it was ok for muhammed to too" "well the christians killed arabs in the crusades so it's ok for muslims to kill and kidnap (anyone)". Don't believe me? Submit questions to muslims who have pro islam websites, there answer often goes something like "well they did it".

    As you can see fellow americans and non muslims of the world, the war we should all be waging is against lies and islam, not just fundamentalist muslims, BUT ALL OF ISLAM, the quran is no better than a skinhead or nazi statement egging people on to riot or commit murder for evil reasons.

    sura 8:65 "O Prophet! Exhort the believers to fight. If there be of you twenty steadfast they shall overcome two hundred, and if there be of you a hundred they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they (the disbelievers) are a folk without intelligence."

    Yeah were all stupid, 20 of you can beat 1000 of us. To bad the muslim insurgents in iraq keep forgetting the failure of this verse to come true consistantly, or maybe it's just an on and off prophecy.

    My challenge to allah is can you make a rebuttal as organized as this one, can you make a comaparable reply, am I not eloquent, oh by the dawn of the funny purple piglets I demand that you make a similar tongue twister! You there? Indeed I am the best rebutter.

    Copyright 2004 blah blah blah [email protected] change those zeros in my email to o's to contact me.
“Yanny” or “Laurel”
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