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I was wondering if anyone out there had any experience or information on the phase 2 training of RAF Personnel Training Officers?

I know the role had been merged into Personnel Support Officer in the past and has not long been its own role again so it appears that there's limited information out there on where you go after graduating from Cranwell or what the role entails on operational and overseas tours?

Any experience or information about this role would be much appreciated!

Thanks is advance!
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Did you ever find out?
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7 years later, anyone got any more information on this?! Compared to my phase 1 knowledge, phase two information is lacking.

This is the only thing I can find, that doesn't feel enough to exhaust in the Shine interview.

Phase two training
This will comprise of a blend of residential, remote and workplace interventions overseen by the Training Development Support Flight at RAF Cosford. This will equip you with essential context-specific training skills for your first tour. Subsequent specialist training will prepare you for roles such as; training analysis, design, delivery, or assurance consultant, Parachute Jump Instructor, Force Development Instructor, Survival Evasion Resist and Extraction Instructor, and Information Activities & Outreach

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