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I'm really struggling on my Language Investigation. My teacher isn't really explaining things to me very well no matter how I ask the questions.

I want to do something about gendered language - but my issue is, what kind of data do I have to collect? What counts as data? My teacher seemed to be REALLY pushing for me to do a survey? But a survey doesn't really seem relevant to what I wanted to do.

I wanted to do an investigation on How Gender is Represented Through Language in TV's "Game of Thrones," because of the interesting stereotypes portrayed through it of different genders. Is that an appropriate investigation?

My teacher kept telling me I should compare the language against received pronunciation? But I'm not actually sure how that is relevant to the subject I wanted to do... He went on about jargon, but again, how is that relevant to gender? Surely a study about gendered language in a TV show would talk about the dominance theory, language stereotypes, ect?

Please help! I'm very confused.

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