Live in a new estate, toads & newts EVERWHERE

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After graduating uni, I've moved in with my mum and her partner for a bit. They've recently bought a new house and there's still houses being built in the surrounding area.

The land the estate is built on was/ is fields and woodlands, and I've noticed the past few weeks that in the evenings there's loads of toads and newts out on the main road. Quite a few of the toads are mating.
I know some think I'm pathetic for caring, but it makes me so sad because quite a few of them are getting squashed because of the passing cars. So you just see toads and newts splattered on the road

I know with all the things going in the world it's daft to care about toads and newts? But it just gives me a horrible feeling. I go out and pick up as much as I can and put them on the grassed area, but that's only providing a short term solution and I look like a right weirdo lol.

This was once clearly a thriving habitat for wildlife, toads and newts not only deserve to flourish in their own right, but provide vital food for birds and owls.

When I first moved in I used to see pheasants wandering around the garages, but now more and more of their land is lost, I don't see them anymore

I know we have an issue with population, and a housing shortage in our country but I just wish we could do more to protect our wildlife.

So is there anything that can be done? Or is it best to just stop caring.

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