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Hello all!

3 of my friends and I are fourth year medical students and we are carrying out our elective in Galle, Sri Lanka this summer between 12th June and 11th August.

We are looking to see if any other UK students are carrying out an elective there in Karapitiya hospital at the same time as us, and would like to look at getting a large house together?

Also, if anybody has been here and can give any advice for accommodation that would be much appreciated! We have looked at a number of places on Air BnB and many of them seem to neglect to mention that the house will be shared with other strangers (something we arent too keen on). Any advice on getting accommodation there?

Many thanks!

Spencer Wells
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Galle Fort is gorgeous but accommodation can be quite expensive. House sharing with others is as you say often with families, but with persistence you may be able to find something just to yourselves. Consider looking slightly out of town - Dalawella is only 5 minutes away and is right on the beach. I would generally avoid places to the north west of the city as it's a literal shanty town (the area was also completely destroyed by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami with thousands of deaths and so if that worries you I'd consider the safety of the Fort.)
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Hey I am looking to do something similar this summer. How did you go about organising your elective?
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