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jarratt hall address?

HI! I'm leaving for bham on tuesday and I want to mail some heavier things to my room at Jarratt before I go, but the address given on my contract looks suspicious to me - it doesn't specify a street number, just "jarratt hall, flat 2 room 4, Dale Road, B29 6FQ Birmingham". I'm not familiar with the way you write addresses in the uk, but this one looks odd to me. I figured that it's probably better to ask a daft question then send my stuff to an invalid address - is the address on my contract what I should write on the package?
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That sounds like a perfectly fine address to me, we don't have street numbers in the UK :smile:
Addresses are usually set out:
House Number and Street
District/Area/Village (optional)
For example:
4 Willoughby Way
By the way I just made that up, it's not real! :biggrin:
So if I were to write your address I'd probably label the envelope
Flat 2 Room 4 Jarratt Hall
Dale Road
B29 6FQ

Hope this loong post has cleared things up! :smile:
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University of Birmingham
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yes it did :smile: . thanks a lot.
According to the Royal Mail site your 'official' address is:

Flat 2
Jarrett Hall
55 Dale Road
B29 6FQ lets you type in the postcode, and it gives you the preferred address format.