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I'm studying... A level History, Classical Civilization, Government & Politics, and English Literature.
Additionally to my A levels, I am also working on an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

I'm interested in... My passion is history. My fascinations under the subject involve many eras: especially early European colonialism; the 1960s; the medieval Islamic world; and credit to my classics course, Ancient Greece.

My interest with music started from singing hymns in the choir at my local Catholic church. It has evolved to appreciating many genres of music ever since then. My most loved eras of music have to be the 60s and 70s; although I listen to 19th century virtuoso pianists such as Chopin and Alkan, and don't mind 80's pop music either. My favourite bands and artists are: Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Eagles, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Radiohead. I enjoy playing my strat, and occasionally compose tablature and songs when a wave of inspiration comes over me.

Furthermore I enjoy art. Especially Futurism and Cubism movement in the 1910s (Boccioni and Balla), Modern Art (the works of M.C Escher are my favourite). My most beloved work of art has to be one I was awed by as a child in a local art museum, and ever since then has inspired me to explore, conserve, and admire the beauty of the world: Nearing Camp by Thomas Moran (1882).

I play rugby league and football. I intend to start wild camping, and bike-packing, when it gets warmer and exams are out of the way.

I want to travel the world and the seven seas, help those less fortunate than myself, and experience thousands of years of collective human culture. I aspire for female, LGBT, and disabled equality worldwide. I believe that we need to start conserving the Amazon, Congo and Indonesian Rainforest more than ever before it's too late.

My study level is... AS-level

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