Uni drop out... what to do now?!

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Hi, i'm new to this so bare with me.
I started uni in September 2016, I went straight from college when I was 18. I started studying combined honours, then dropped one subject, and continued to study the other. I woke up one day and decided uni wasn't for me, stuck by this and dropped out of uni all together- I made the right decision. However I feel stuck at the moment. I started looking for full time jobs straight away. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but enjoyed working in a school during my placements and voluntary work so took to applying for school jobs. God knows how but I managed to bag myself a job in a local high school, and i've been working here as an Assistant Science Technician for a month. I like the job, however I dont see myself doing this in the future. The money is good considering i'm 18, however will not be enough for the future when I want to move out etc.

I'm enjoying my time here, but i'd like to have more challenging opportunities when i'm older. The job is fun and the people I work with are amazing, but I don't really feel like I have a goal i'm working towards and that i'm just "drifting". Could anyone advise me on what I can do? I don't intend to start looking for new jobs straight away as i've only just started here and I do like it, i'm just worried about the future. I liked working with the children directly and I used to want to go into the teaching assistant route, however believe the only way I can do this is to do a course, and thats whether my bosses would let me do that, might sound a little dodgy
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If you're only 18 and already realised the course you were doing wasn't right for you, I wouldn't worry too much about taking some time to figure things out. In any case, you'll have slightly more limited funding if you do go back to do higher education, so staying in a job you enjoy for a while isn't a bad idea.

Equally, provided you don't dislike the job there's nothing saying you can't spend as much time as you require in the role and then leave if/when you feel the need to. You aren't beholden to them for hiring you. Spending some time getting experience in the area is reasonable, and then you can certainly approach the about wanting opportunities to develop yourself within the role/area. If they don't want to provide those opportunities to you, you can start looking elsewhere while still working until you find a new place.

Also you may want to look at apprenticeships, as there are a few "higher" apprenticeships in scientific and technical areas that can lead on to a degree while you're working, if that's of interest.

On a personal note, I left my course at 24, and I'm working in security now. It's not something I have any intention of staying in long term, but it's good money, job security, and work atmosphere so I'm also happy to take my time to explore my options while saving up. While it can be frustrating to not feel like you have a long term goal, it's important to remember that you needn't necessarily have a grand destiny to work towards; this was part of my issue, where I'd planned out 20 years of my life in advance, then found I hated the actual path it was taking to get to the end point. Just focus on not finding one to be all and end all goal, but making small positive steps where you can towards what you're interested in. This sounds very fluffy and "new-age" but, it's taken me a good 6 years to realise and I'm definitely a lot happier having started approaching things as such :P

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