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How difficult is the TSA?

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you really shouldn't let this influence your choice of college. your TSA score will probably not even be taken into account by your interviewers. Your interview is soooo much more important.
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Don't let the TSA affect you so much. Your score is good enough (above the average) and the TSA won't affect your application a lot. If you do well enough in the interview then even you do rubbish in the TSA, i don't think they will reject you!!
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I did the TSA and I got 92% but i didnt time myself, felt like i went on forever, so possibly will have to take a few marks off that to allow for me being a bit slow! lol!
I did however choose Clare because it does use the TSA for NatSci, that wasnt the only reason, but it was one of them lol!
I think it's one of the more valid reasons for choosing a college. One of the reasons I'm choosing Clare is because they do use the TSA, and I got 96% when I tried the online test.

If Cambridge colleges are going to be inconsistent in the way they choose applicants then it opens itself to system manipulation.
Take a look at page 4 of this:

(Green = rejected, Black = offers)

The score you got on the practice would have put you above average - you should bear in mind that people who do very badly still get in, whilst doing exceptionally well does not guarantee you a place.

Unless you have no other preferences, don't let this influence your college choice :smile:
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Nobody gets 100%, nobody finishes it. Treat it with good humour and give it your best shot.