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Founders Building, Royal Holloway
Royal Holloway
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Founders toilets

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Founders Building, Royal Holloway
Royal Holloway
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Founders is an odd shaped building. As seen in this satellite image it's sort of like a very square 8 shape. The habitable areas are on the west and east sides and things like the canteen, library, art gallery and chapel are down the middle.
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Actually, where Sarah's written the E is the west side of founder's, and the opposite side, where if you squint and can see a red car outside reception is the east side....I have too much time on my hands!
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Yeah, she's circled the wrong sides of the building. What she's called the East side is actually the north and is where the chapel and art gallery is.
Ah well, I was not sure. :biggrin: (I was trying really hard to remember what I could see out of West side windows!) I just meant to show that it's all in one building sort of, just halved. Or something! I will take down that picture as it's wrong, hehe.
I'm moving into 'Founders East'! is it in a diff. building?! room E326

Yeah - that's Founders alright. And you'll be in the room directly above the one I stayed in during the first year. Good times...