Confusing about driving/riding licence

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Hello guys,

I'm a 27 years old foreign and have never had any type of training in traffic topics.
So I decided to charge it now. But there are a few questions.

I would love to drive a full motorcycle (A). The reason? It seems to be the best way to save money compared with other vehicles, to be ecological and to be no longer dependent on public transport methods. Well okay, and I just enjoy bicycling and the 15 Minutes on a moped I have had with 16 at a farm with an older mate.
But logically I probably need a car driving license sooner or later (keyword family and flat moves).

So my questions are:
A) Is there a way to gain a car driving license together with a motorcycle license for less costs? If not, is there a way to do my car driving license first and on top of that a type of upgrade to motorcycles class A?
B) Is the following chronological summary of the way to obtain a full motorcycle driving license A correct:
1. Provisional Motorcycle License (included in a full car license);
2. Compulsory Basic Training (£100 – £150, depends on if my trainer will tell me to take more practice)
3. Theory Test (£31; 1: specific to motorcycles; 2: Hazard Perception Test; not replaceable by a car theory test)
4. Motorcycle Practical Test (off road module: £15.50; on road module: £75.00 in working hours, otherwise £88.50)
C) I am a small person (5.2ft) and my weight is approximative 7 to 9 stones, how does that effect my ability to drive A motorcycle machines?
D) How do I find a trainer?
E) I wear glasses, how fit can they be underneath a helmet?

There will be more for sure but first of all that should it be.

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(a) The car and motorcycle licences are completely separate. Having one will not impact the tests you need to take in order to obtain the other. And you probably won't find many car driving schools that also offer motorbike lessons or vice versa, as the instruction needed is quite different.

(b) That's right, you can do the CBT and theory in any order though.

(c) In order to get a full category A licence you have to be riding a motorbike with around 600cc, any smaller and you'll get the restricted A2 category instead. Your instructor should be able to help you learn to handle a bike of that size, and hopefully they will also be able to find one with a low seat to suit your height. The only practical part you may struggle with is the manual handling exercise, where you have to get off the bike and push it from one spot to the other. There's no time limit though, and you're allowed to put the bike on its stand and take breaks. So you just need to move the bike carefully and slowly. Again, your instructor should make time to show you how to complete this.

(d) Probably Google. Search your local area and see what you can find.

(e) You're unlikely to have any issue with this, there's normally plenty of space between the visor and your face. The only issue you may get is foggy lenses when it rains. Bring your glasses when you go to buy a helmet, so you can check it's comfortable to wear with glasses on.

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