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    hi everyone
    I am a SCITT student. I successfully passed my first placement. My second placement is in ks1 at a school that requires improvement however, this contradicts to what my uni have mentioned in their website. They have said they only send trainees to good or outstanding schools.
    Also, I started my second placement after Christmas, I need a minimum of 6 observations to pass each term. Before February half term I got 5 observations which I passed, 4 of them with good elements and one meeting the standards which was my first observation of the term. However, suddenly on my last observation I went from meeting with good elements to not meeting at all. They have mentioned things like subject knowledge, yet this has never been one of my weekly targets neither has it ever been mentioned until last week. I then got criticised for not using enough praise. The class teacher is also my mentor. She has used words towards the children such as "stupid, idiot, stop crying like a baby, even a baby can do this work" etc. She has also ripped pages out of a Childs book 2-3 times as that child got their work wrong. During one of my observations she told me to get one of the children's books and show it to the entire class as a bad example (as this child didn't produce enough work) yet she contradicts with her advice.
    my mentor has also admitted that although she has mentored 1st and 2nd year students she has never mentored a SCITT student.
    I have emailed my uni about all this as well telling the head of school, but unfortunately no one is listening, I have asked the head to investigate this issue further and not to take my word for it.
    I don't know what to do, uni will be putting me on a support plan, which I had only 6 -7 days to meet those targets. Is there any chance of me actually passing this now? Has anyone ever passed if they've been put on a support plan? Or should I just prepare myself for the worst?
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Updated: March 20, 2017
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