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Hi guys! I have been absolutely obsessed with these blogs and viewing all the amazing results and the motivation they have received, and have therefore decided on writing this blog in order to hopefully push me to those 7-9s! For this introduction post, I will share with you some of my long term/short term goals and my study tips for GSCE!

-All 7-9s in my gsces (no way who could have guessed)
- An acceptance into Brighton College
-Honour roll at my school.
-An acceptance into LSE or NYU later on in life!

My current grades vs my target grades & how I feel about the subject.

T/E: Target/ expected
W: Grade I want
C: Current

Maths- C: comfortably at a 7, from getting consistent 7s and an 8 in a bigger exam. This year I have really started to enjoy math, and am considering taking it for A-Level. Target/expected: 8 (need that in order to take it for A Level) W: 8
Biology: C: 6/7 To be honest, I am very weak at science as I just really do not like it! Will have to pull up my boots T/E:7 W:7
Chemistry: C: 7 ( 1 mark off an 8 )I adore Chemistry! I have the knowledge and understanding it is just my exam techniques that continually lets me down T/E: 7 W:8
Physics: C:6 (I messed up in my mocks and got a 5 but have been getting 8s and 7s this year- will do a lot of work on Physics ) T: 7 W:7
English Lit: C:8 One of my favourite subjects, the only thing I really need to practise is my exam technique as that often lets me down T/E: 8 W:8
English Lang: Not too sure actually, but we took an exam recently and that did not go too well I think T/E:8 W:8
Psychology: C: A- have gotten a mix of As and A*s this year, but I find it hard to know how much detail and what the paper is really asking you to do, will need to do a lot more exam papers in order to prepare. T/E:A W: A*
Economics: C:A, to be honest economics in my class is a joke, I really need to start taking it seriously as I a considering it for A Level. T/E: A/A* W:A*
History: C:7/8, one of my favourite subjects. I have gotten a mix of 7s and 8s as I do not enjoy the topic of American West, but just did a test so will keep you all updated T/E:7 W:8
Spanish: C:8 I hate Spanish! I really have to plough through and think my grades so far have been a fluke I have somehow managed to achieve a few 9s, but I just did a Spanish writing that went quite bad so already saying goodbye to my average! T/E:8
Let me know what your favourite subjects are and if they have changed since the GSCE, and if you regret not taking other options!
Anika xx

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