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Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
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Welcome Letter from QMU

Iv still not had anything yet... and i'm meant to start next week!
anyone else still waiting??

iv had my ucas letter but nothing from uni to say when iv to be there..

I'm starting QMU next week too. I got my welcome letter a few weeks ago but if you have still not got it yet then i would call them up. I've called them a few times to ask them stuff and they've been really helpful.

hope this helps :smile:
Students on campus at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
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cheers, every time i call them i can never get a hold of anyone and nobody returns my calls.. im starting to get annoyed, as im moving on sat and if they post my letter i wont get it...

when do u enroll?
Its a shame they havent got got back to you, it might mean that other people have the same problem.
Im not staying in the accomodation but i matriculate on the thursday. What about you?
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i finally got my letter in yesterday, i matriculate on the wednesday and welcome stuff all day

what course u doing?

im moving up on saturday and dont know anyone up there so if u feel like meeting anyone new give me a shout!
sorry it took me a while a to reply back. You'll have moved up by now, i hope you've settled in well.
Im so confused about all the moving we have to do because the uni isnt finished yet, i got the letter telling me about it but i dont know about subject induction times :s-smilie:
I've looked at the other posts on the other thread, i take it on monday we go to marquee at craighall?
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hi there
I'm not in on monday (today) on wednesday, but i plan on going to the new campus and jumping on the free bus.
Did u go in today? how did u get on?
i need some friends over here! if u wanna meet up on tues for a drink give ma yell (pm me ur mobile no or ill give u mine if u like)

speak to u soon x
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look on the matriculation timetable, thats when you go 'matriculate', and the induction info you should have been sent.

its all found here:

For matriculation you will need to go to the Leith campus, or jump on a bus at the new campus, i would say 30-60minutes before your supposed to matriculate. I'm not sure how long it takes to get from musselburgh to leith.

Some courses may have inductions. I don't think the library inductions are till later on. Theres welcome talks from the principal which take place on tuesday, wednesday and thursday although i'm not sure where these are. Maybe the marquee.

I didn't think there was that much on today - unless your doing freshers/induction stuff or something.

Sorry its taken me a while to reply. Hope youve had a chance to go to your inductions and meet some new people. I matirculated on Thusday, spent most of the time in queues! I went along to the uni on Monday and met my friends flatmates and went to the freshers event at night, it was really good:smile:However, i spent the rest of the week in Glasgow because of family stuff.

Did you go to your subject induction? Whats your timetable like? Mine doesnt look too bad so far, but i was told that it might change when we move to the musselburgh campus:frown:
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The timetables aree unknown for most courses after the first 3 weeks - you'll do similar hours, they may be just at different times depending on room availability etc.

My 4th year timetable from the 2nd week (1st week is bad - 5 hours straight in one class tomorrow!) is 3 hours a week at 9:15 on tuesday. I can cope with that.
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I wasn't late for my subject induction, no not me :angel: And one of my flatmates certainly didn't skip hers cos of a hangover :biggrin:
(I do love Gateway security who tell me how to sneak in unnoticed, I don't however love the number 30 taking over an hour to get to North Bridge :mad: Trains are the way forward!)

I got given work at my induction meeting actually - curse this whole honours malarky. And the dean and some other depute principal or another coming out with a load of spin about the new campus and showing they didn't even know what subject they were talking to - "Good to be in a familiar space? Err, we've never been to the Gateway before". :rolleyes:

Good to be back in class, though I don't like this whole idea of doing work....I'd kinda forgotten about that... Timetable = hell, so roll on the new campus already! I was actually starting to doze off towards the end of my class today :frown: