CoffeeAndPolitics Grade Boosting Journey 2017 MKII

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Welcome to MKII of my blog. Updates are made every day unless stated.

About Me:
My name is CoffeeAndPolitics , I'm Chinese (speak Cantonese) and I'm from South East London. I'm 16-years-old and I'm a member of both the Labour Party and TSR Labour Party. I support Liverpool FC and my political views are centre-left. I also run the Year 11 thread and I am currently the Secretary of State for Energy and Environment in TSR's MHoC.

Subjects I'm taking:
- AQA GCSE Biology
- AQA GCSE Chemistry
- AQA GCSE Physics
- AQA GCSE English Language [9-1]
- AQA GCSE English Literature [9-1]
- AQA GCSE French
- Edexcel GCSE Mathematics [9-1]
- OCR GCSE Computing
- OCR GCSE History
- Edexcel GCSE Chinese *

* I'm currently studying GCSE Chinese (Cantonese) externally.

Current Grades:
Results based off Year 11 Spring Term
Key: ( ) indicates current grade and [ ] indicates predicted grade.
- AQA GCSE Biology (Grade D [Grade B]
- AQA GCSE Chemistry (Grade C) [Grade A]
- AQA GCSE Physics (Grade C) [Grade A]
- AQA GCSE English Language [9-1] (Grade 4) [Grade 6]*
- AQA GCSE English Literature [9-1] (Grade 3) [Grade 6]*
- AQA GCSE French (Grade B) [Grade A/ A*]
- Edexcel GCSE Mathematics [9-1] (Grade 6) [Grade 6]
- OCR GCSE Computing (Grade B) [Grade B]
- OCR GCSE History (Grade A*) [Grade A*]
- Edexcel GCSE Chinese (N/A) [N/A]

* :/ Embarrassed but I can do better.

Biology - A
Chemistry - A
Physics - A
English Language - 7
English Literature - 7
French - A/A*
Maths - 7/8
Computing - B
History - A*
Chinese - A/A*

My Ambitions:
I want to study Government & Politics/Sociology, History, Economics and maybe French for A Levels.

For university, I want to study a degree in History and Politics or a Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree and it would be a dream getting an unconditional offer from a university like Birmingham and I genuinely believe that is feasible pending on the work and effort I put in.

After university, I definitely want a career in politics and would love to start of as a junior caseworker earning a decent salary in Portcullis House, Houses of Parliament, Westminster before progressing to become either a London

1) Wanting to be a success is aspiration. Doing something about it is perspiration.
2) They told me I couldn't. They why I did.
3) Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.
4) Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.

Study/Revision Tips
Credit CoffeeGeek
Study tips to get the grade you want
Be persistent.
Use the Pomodoro Technique (google it if you don't know), it is a really effective way of getting a lot of work done in a short amount of time.
Listen to some Focus music on Spotify or something to help you concentrate!
Be organised and neat with work so you can easily review it later when you need it.
If your struggling, ask the teacher (or friends) or do some research by yourself on the internet to help you understand. Things like YouTube, BBC Bitesize et cetera...
Be creative with notes, don't just write them out, highlight important things to remember and keywords.
Don't just copy from a textbook, you won't understand (well I don't). Instead read the textbook then when you're making the notes try to put it into your own words, simplify it so it can be easier to comprehend.
I drank lots of caffeine (especially coffee because it is slow-release) during exam season to make me more alert and do stuff... quickly It actually helps most people but I wouldn't recommend drinking any quick-release caffeine or drinking it after noon because it is going to be hard to go to sleep.
On that note, get LOTS of sleep.
Also on that note, read your notes/textbook/work before you go to bed because it will be easier to remember.
Find out your learning style. You could be an audio learner, visual, kinesthetic... I am mostly a visual learner. Click here to do a small test to find out what kind of learner you are
BIG tip. Plan ahead, if your going to do 2 hours of studying tomorrow make sure you do that, if you only manage to do 1 hour don't let that discourage you. You can always make up for it the next day, maybe the next day your planning to do 2 hours but since you missed out on 1 hour that day you add it on to make 3 hours. Just have that mindset and it will get you through it.
Don't stress, more you do the more likely you are going to freak out mid-test and possibly fail.

- Useful Threads (GCSE English Info)
Joshiee 's guide to GCSE success
This is a very useful thread with contains very useful, detailed points on how you should study for your GCSEs and it's very motivating. Worth reading. (GCSE Advice)

- Exam Boards

- Useful links for subjects

Some GYG threads by my friends:
CoffeeGeek (CoffeeGeek) -
Lemur (Lemur14) -

The aim of this thread is to motivate myself and to hopefully motivate you as well. Throughout this blog, I will update you on how I'm doing at school, the revision I'm doing and will try to share with you the revision I'm doing.
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Good luck!
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Monday 17th April 2017 - 29 Days Until First Exams

Welcome to my new blog. As you can see in the OP, I have already put up predictions of what I think I'll get at GCSE and with the days counting down, I'm trying to do as much as possible to make this a reality.

Today's Tasks:
- Unit A453 [URGENT]
- English H/W
- Science H/W
- Maths H/W
- History Notes: British Depth Study
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This lasted a really long time :lol:

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