Sprained my ankle (ligaments), will probaby have to take crutches to school!!!

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I sprained my ankle (ligaments) and will probably have to take my crutches to school tomorrow!!!
I can imagine this being a nightmare and i really don't want to!
My ankle is not in a cast or anything because ligaments have to heal with rest and ice etc... but the hospital gave me crutches and my mum is being really pushy about taking them to school!

Many of my classes are upstairs and i dont know whether i should try and hobble up/down the stairs or try and find my teacher to get a room swap or something.... but i dont like the idea of the spotlight being on me for example having to ask for a room swap or leaving 5 minutes early from a lesson.... i dont have to leave early but for some classes where i am upstairs the stairs are chaotic and i wouldnt even want to try and go down them with the amount of people that do when the bell goes.

Also because i don't have a cast or anything i am worried that peple will think that theres nothing wrong with me and i am just faking or something....!

I would also have to get the bus to and from school and on the way home everyone just pushes to get on the bus and it is like a mosh pit !!! and if i just wait till the end i may not get a seat and it is not guaranteed that someone will let me sit down!!!

The nurses said that i can begin walking when their is no pain usually about 48-72 hours after my injury.... Monday morning would be about 67 hours after my injury but i think my mum is pretty persistant and set that i will have to go to school on crutches.
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Sounds like you'll have to take your crutches - I doubt you'll manage the stairs without them.

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