’Scientific evidence proves beyond doubt, that there is no designer God’ (30) Watch

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’Scientific evidence proves beyond doubt, that there is no designer God’ (30)

Many would argue that this statement is correct because they believe that science offers proof that seems to cancel out a designer God. For example, many believe that Darwin’s theory of adaption, evolution and random changes accounts for the complexity of the universe without the need for a designer God, that as organisms we have adapted and changed by ourselves to become the complex beings we are today, not through a designer God.

Also, they may argue that the Big Bang Theory and the epicurean hypothesis theory (that our design and order is simply a random association of particles that were once in a chaotic state) for the beginning of the universe, are proof beyond doubt that there is no designer God because they were there at the beginning of the world and caused the world, so therefore the worlds contingency can be explained through science, not through a designer God.

Additionally, Richard Dawkins, a famous atheist points to the laryngeal nerve to prove beyond doubt that there is no designer God. He does this by saying that ‘the laryngeal nerve is a historical legacy and shows no intelligent design. If there was an intelligent designer, they could have returned to the drawing board to make the necessary changes however evolution can’t’. Here, Dawkins is stating that evolution definitely occurred and that this nerve in the body proves that God doesn’t exist because if he did he could have changed this problem.

Furthermore, many who believe that this statement to be true would say that a designer God didn’t impose order or create the world for humans, because humans themselves, through science, have imposed our own order and have changed things in the world to make it fit for humans, for example humans through science and maths have produced time and that this proves that a designer God doesn’t exist as we have imposed order ourselves, this could be argued through the theory of apparent design.

On the other hand, people may disagree with this view because they believe that even science can’t explain everything in the universe whereas the theory of a designer God can. For example, even Darwin in his book of evolution stated ‘the eye to this day gives me a cold shudder’. This proves that science doesn’t prove beyond doubt that there I no designer God because it leaves gaps that God could fulfil, that great scientists such as Darwin (who many use as someone who cancels God out of the universe) can’t explain.

Additionally, people may argue that science and religion, such as the belief in a designer God, have no quarrels, some would even state that science supports the existence of a designer God. For example, many believe that evolution could not have occurred by itself and instead it was what God intended to occur in order for humans to exist, and he looked over it as it is what he designed the universe to complete.

Also, many would turn to the aesthetic principle to argue that science cannot explain the beauty of the universe and why it exists. Science can explain how flowers are different colours but not why, when they could all be the same generic colour. Additionally, science cannot explain humans love for music or literature whereas an omnibenevolent designer God can, as he wanted us to enjoy and love the world he created for us.

Furthermore, it can be argued that science doesn’t prove that God doesn’t exist because even through years of scientific experiments and tests we still haven’t been able to produce things such as new life or elements from scratch, this proves the existence of God as there must be an intelligent designer being that is omnipotent and omniscient to have willed the world and us into existence and we couldn’t have possibly occurred naturally.

In conclusion, this view could be argued both ways, that science does prove God exists and that it proves that he doesn’t exist. However, summarising the key points I believe that the reasons arguing that ‘science doesn’t prove beyond doubt that there is no designer God’ is more convincing and accurate.


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