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ZipCar or similar in Edinburgh?

Hey, does anyone know if there are companies like Zipcar in Edinburgh?
This is a car rental company that will rent to uni students age 18 and over. It's pretty cheap... $35 annual fee and the rates are $6/hr. Students use these for big grocery (ahem party) runs, Ikea trips etc. At US uni's these cars are parked in university parking spaces, you just ring up and book it, use it and then put it back.
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hmm, that's a pretty good idea. I've never heard of anything like that and tbh I don't know if there would be the demand. I think the culture here is quite different from North America and, especially in a compact city like Edinburgh, most students would probably make do without needing a car. For big grocery runs I guess one option would be to walk / bus to the supermarket and then take a taxi back. Ikea is a pain without a car and it's next to impossible to explore the countryside without one.

You *might* find some societies / departments which have access to a van or something (I think the canoe society shares one with Heriot Watt). Hope someone else knows of a better suggestion or that you make friends with a driver :smile:
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Yea there is, does the exact same thing with similar rates.

However, you've got to be 21. They are trying to get it down to 19 soon though so may be worth keeping track of it.