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Erm...I think eating helps it :s:
Fasting to get rid of a cold? i thought the body needed energy to fight infections etc

My advice is to get chicken soup, without crutons (or however its spelt) if your throat is sore, lots of vitamin C, i like orange juice with bits in and plenty of water or isotonic energy drink (avoid red bull/relentless) like lucozade to keep hydrated.

And wrap up warm.

Is it just me or does anyone else when just getting over an illness fancy mcdonalds?
As the ol' saying goes, Feed a Cold, Starve the Flu.

Eat ****, it's your one legitimate excuse.
I thought it was 'feed a fever, starve a cold'... either way, its an old wives tale. your body needs energy to fight off the infection.
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It's definitely "feed at cold, starve a fever/flu" I agree wuth everyone else, eating something will help. Soups etc are good when I have a cold
eat soemthing dont be a fool and have some vitamins while ya at it.
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Eat lots of hot/ warm food and drink plenty of water. I find that hot tea helps too.

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If you have a fever you're not supposed to eat huge, hot meals etc., but you should eat a fair bit if you have a cold. (I should take my own advice here, but don't really have the energy to cook/buy/eat, and my throat hurts like sackful of tortured turtles).

For prevention: take vitamin tablets every day, easiest way as a student.
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if you don't eat, your body will use muscle and fat as energy so you will lose weight! probably best to eat as much as you can even if you don't feel like it!
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I never really feel like eating when I have a cold, but you are supposed to. ;yes; Fruit, soup and hot drinks for you. Also, echinacea helps (tastes awful though). And wash your hands regularly to avoid giving it to other people, and sleep plenty.

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Eat, especially fruit.