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    i hav soo many memories from primary school
    i remember those videos: dragons eye and that racer pigeon one

    what I hated was sitting on the carpet listening to the teacher read to us...how boring!

    i remember once i got in trouble (i dont remember what i did) at breaktime and this horrible teacher made me stand facing the wall. I hate that teacher1

    those were the days..........
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    My favourite moment from primrary school was burrying one of my hearing aids in the soil (they were worth a fortune in those days) and telling the teacher I have lost one at play. The teacher would send an army of my friends and I to go and find it. This mean't that about 5-6 people got free lessons while looking for my hearing aids.

    I did this about 5 or 6 times but had to stop as I realised the teachers won't keep falling for it. It is certainly better than having to sit through Peak Maths.

    (Original post by steerpike1985)
    I remember singing 'Milk bottle tops and paper bags, Iron bed-posts dirty old rags! litter on the pavement, litter on the beach. Is this really what we want to see? NO NO NO!' every Friday in assembly.
    "Shalom shalom may peace be with you..."

    "From the tiny ant (from the tiny ant) to the elephant (to the elephant...)"

    "One more step along the world I go..."

    "You've got to dance when the spirit says dance..."

    "I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain..."

    "I was cold I was naked were you there were you there..." :eek:

    "Autumn leaves when the grass is dewed and the silk inside a chesnut shell..."

    And lots of Jesus/God propaganda.

    (Original post by Sarky)

    Does anyone remember watching that programme at primary school that taught you how to write? It had a red pen with a light at the end?
    Oh yeah, I remember that. I was about five years old and I always thought that it was really really stupid. And it was called 'Magic Pen' or something like that.
    Will always remember my first day (after the induction day) when we got our school journals and then promptly started graffiting them, much to the annoyance of our tutor.
    On the subject of school songs, have never ever had to sing at Secondary School. (Well, except for the stupid Christmas concert, but I got out of that because I was in the orchestra playing my violin). At Primary school we had to sing on every day except for Fridays. I remember that 'Is this what we really want to see?' song. On the 'No, no, no!' bit, we always used to sing Yes, yes yes just to wind up the teachers. Ah, best memory of my entire school career, that one!

    hehe primary school was the best!

    we used to get to watch fireman sam everyday at 2:30...what a classic!

    it was such a scammer in those days! we wernt allowed to speak english and the teachers got sooo fed up of us speaking english and realisig that making us pick up litter was not working they decided on a reward scheme, but i made sure i was the monitor! so if i caught someone speaking welsh i gave them a sticker...then the person with most stickers at the end of the week got money! of course either i or one of my mates wan every week! whilst we got to talk english constantly!! hehe!

    does anyone remeber a little robot box thing that you used to program and it would then crawl along the floor?? it was the real live version of the turtle on the computer thing!

    and i used to love wet break because we used to have a giant mecano like set and being the smallest they always used to make furniture for me!!

    love Katy ***

    there was a programme i remember we always used to watch in primary school but i can't remember what it was called. I can picture bits of it in my head..some children in a play ground painting a picture on a wall and suddenly they become sucked into the world in the picture. It was all creepy and misty with a swamp and magic people. Then they went on a quest and at the end there was a futuristic looking house with wierd coloured people. Maybe one was green, one orange, one purple. Who knows. I think it was called Dragon's Eye or something. But wow i loved it...

    does anybody remember some of the war programs..... whereby the family had to survive in the war and.......... where there were religious tv channels about jesus........ that there were still images and that the narrator was just talking through it?

    and some science program called Zig Zag? or Zap??

    Geordie Racer. So crap.

    Letterland with Annie Apple, Bouncy Ben, **** Head Duck, Eddy Elephant, Firefighter Fred, Golden Shower Girl, Impy Ink, Kicking King, Noisy Nick, Ticking Tess, Walter Walrus. etc.

    The light up pen (which I'd completely forgotten about).

    Milk at "playtime".

    Assembly hymns:
    Autumn Leaves,
    Got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart. Where? Down in my heart. Where? Down in my heart. I've got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart. Where? Down in my heart to stay. And I'm so happy, so very happy, I've got the love of Jesus in my hea-a-a-a-art etc etc,
    Go tell it on the mountain. Over the hills and far away...
    Something about raindrops.
    And another like "who gave the something it's doobie, la di da... who made earth and mars... etc"
    Lord of The Dance
    etc etc etc

    I remember changing the words to those hymns too .

    We also did "school sing to our parents concerts". We did Cats and Joseph and another which I forgot. But the whole school sang from memory (without a projector or anything) which looking back at the length of something like Joseph is pretty impressive.

    PE. Bloody PE. Hated it.

    We only had 1 teacher for everything. Later on in year 6 I grew to hate my class.

    I didn't like primary school. I went back there a few years back and it still had the smell and everything hehe. I didn't mind secondary and 6th form is the best as I get to do loads of amazing maths which I like.
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