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Recently I have been considering trying to get into post-graduate medicine. I'm not sure if I stand a chance so I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice.

I'm in my second year studying Biology at university and I have chosen mainly human biology and biomedical modules. I've really enjoyed them. I got a first in my first year and even got in the top three of my class for physiology and pathology.

The areas I like in Biology and find almost the most intuitive are the physiology, pathology, endocrinology, etc. I don't enjoy lab work in Biology so I don't want to be a biomedical scientist.

My a-levels are pretty bad compared to the competition out there (A*ABB in psychology, human biology, chemistry, physics). I'm also at an average university (in the top 30).

I know these factors make it very unlikely that I would get onto a graduate medicine course (even if I got an interview I would stumble over my words most probably). I just feel like I need some closure on this if it's not meant to be.

Thank you.
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Graduate Entry Medicine is an accelerated 4 year course for graduates.

Post-graduate medicine is for med school graduates.

Read this wiki to learn more about GEM and how it can still be a viable option for you to study medicine despite not having the desired emails

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