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I'm currently working in China, and have been told by my parents to send evidence of my income, along with the overseas income form to SLC. I've done this through DHL (which wasn't cheap) but have had no confirmation that my form has been delivered. My parents are now receiving letters threatening fines if SLC do not receive my form and on top of that, there is no email address to contact SLC on, and I am charged a ridiculous amount of money to sit on hold waiting for someone to answer on the 'calling from abroad' number. I only want to check that they have received my form, and add my parent's name onto my account so they can speak to SLC on my behalf, but it's so difficult to get any form of contact with SLC that I'm a little bit lost on what to do before I'm wrongly charged for not providing evidence (that I've sent). What am I supposed to do?
Elizabeth SFE
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We do not have a secure email facility for general enquires, and I apologise if this is inconvenient. The situation is that at the present time we do not have the facilities to deal with the volume of incoming email, which could be generated, based on the number of customers we have. We do review our processes on an ongoing basis and we are considering appropriate ways to implement facilities to handle all forms of electronic communication, including email and text messaging.

We can advise that reminder letters are issued until your documentation has been processed and it's not an indication that we have not received this.

If you still have copies of the information you sent, you can re-send this to the following email address - [email protected], however this is not secure and it is at your discretion on whether you are happy to use this. Please be aware that this is for the submission of evidence only and no response to any queries will be issued.

You can also provide details if you wish us to deal with your parents on your behalf. We need you to confirm the following information.

Third Party’s Full Name
Third Party’s Full Address
Third Party’s Date of Birth
Relationship to Third Party
Date Consent due to expire


* This should be something decided between you and the third party.

Please clearly state what information you are authorising SLC to discuss with your nominated person.

Consent to Share (CtS) is written or verbal authorisation which allows us to provide account information only, with the exception of your bank details, to a third party you have nominated. The CtS person must satisfy our authentication process before any information can be released. They will be required to confirm their full name, full address including post code, date of birth, their relationship to you and the password.

Alternatively you can give Power of Attorney to a third party. A Power of Attorney (PoA) is an official document where you can grant attorney to a third party to release or update information relating to your account. A PoA must contain the specific period for which they can act as an attorney and the specific tasks that they can perform. As above, the person holding PoA must satisfy authentication process.

Hope this helps

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