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Hello I'm a third year psychology student doing my dissertation and i need urgent advice and help on what to do! My issue is with participants! I need around 25 females and 25 males. I may pull through and get enough female participants but I'm really struggling recruiting male participants!

My supervisor advised I recruit psychology students and sports science students because of males on the sports science course. I have tried to recruit males but to not much lucky!! Time is ticking!!! It's a week before easter holidays!! I emailed my supervisor and asked whether I can recruit people of any course in the library and she said stick to what's on your ethics form... I then asked if she needed to see my consent forms and questionnaire and she said she may ask to see them at any time, so best to keep them safe.

If I could just recruit random students in the library I could gather my data in a matter of 2 days! Sticking to my ethics form has become so difficult with the lack of time aswell! Now, if I recruit in the library I'm worried my supervisor will ask to see the consent forms and do a random check whether I have actually used psychology and sports science students- since their names will be on the consent form.

But however they will only be identified by participant number when I go on to analyse the data anyway. If you've done your dissertation, has your supervisor ever asked to see your consent forms???? Or anyone who can offer advice? One of my friends says she's just scaring you to stick to the ethics form! But my supervisor has no way of finding out unless she checks the consent forms! I'm seriously worried and I cannot cope!!!

Please help!!!!!!! I have worked so hard on this dissertation so far!!!! should I go ahead and recruit in the library??

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