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St Hild & St Bede, what are the rooms like?

Hey! Ok I know some people are going to moan at me asking questions on a college, because there are tonnes of threads on these. But personally I couldn't find many of Hild and Bede, and I wanted to know what the rooms are like! How are they organised, relating to bathrooms etc? Are there a certain number on a corridor? And what's the food like?

I've really fallen in love with the college and am really keen to apply. Im hoping there will be lots of people to say thats a good idea!!

Thank you!! :smile:
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have a look at the link below, there might be something about it there:

good choice of college, it's one of my top favs
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
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Yay! Thank you. I knew there'd be somewhere I'd missed. Sorry.
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Thank you evangeline!

Having a pantry sounds cool. Im glad most of them are single, because although I could cope with sharing it would be really stressful thinking about it beforehand!

As long as I get the basics when it comes to food im ok! But Ill take your advice and stay away from the stroganoff...

I had a look at the hild bede video on the site and it looked really good! Really pretty grounds. Its not too far away from anywhere is it? Im hoping to do anthropology and on the map it looks quite close. Closer than some others thats for sure! What are they doing all the way down there?! Anyway....

sorry to keep asking mundane questions but what size are the rooms? Are you allowed to put up posters and stuff in your room? Cos a friend of mine cant do that where she is now, they've got to use special stuff on a board etc. Do you stay in your room for the whole year, because I know some places change around every term.

Im quite glad I've finally come around to a decision about a college. Although now im all excited about it ill probably get pooled somewhere else!!!
do Hild Bede rooms come with lamps and a notice board. going to do some last minute shopping tonight!
no it has helped, thanks!