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Questions regarding ucl emails and oyster card

Got my user id, password and email today after enrollment. Got 2 email address one is in the form of [email protected] and the other is random letters and numbers I think. Howcomes we get 2 email address?

Secondly how do I check my email i.e. inbox for my ucl email? Couldn't find it on Portico so I assume you don't check it on there.

Thirdly I was aged 16 - 18 before the start of this academic year, in full time education and I live in a London Borough. So according to TFL Im eligible for the 16+ Oyster card and NOT the 18+. My birthday is in July (just had my 18th this summer). Yet when I go on this page and click the link, it takes me to the application for 18+? :s-smilie: So I went to TFL website instead and did it directly from there, but I can't seem to apply for the 16+ (it only lets me apply if I lived outside london or something according to this

So any help is appreciated....

Thanks in advance
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i am baffled as well! what is the SN and UPI thing on the card????
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University College London
I think thats like a code that identifies you or something, like when you apply for a certain thing, you will need to enter the SN thing to tell them who you are so they can match the SN with your name... I think lol
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I was wondering Kelv did you get your oyster card at the student union building? I was thinking of getting my NUS card plus the oyster on the way and do you need a passport photo for oyster?

Thanks for reading!
Nah I asked the woman and she said you gotta apply for oyster online. UCL won't do any paperwork, if you ask me thats just lazy.
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The SN on your ID is your student number. It'll be the same as your ucas number was. I still haven't figured out what the UPI number is, I think it's just an internal identifier for UCL.

The webmail facility is at .
You always login using your zc-whatever (was zcbt- for my year & course, might be different for you) and the [email protected] address is a forwarding mask (so your friends can send mail to you at the myname one and it'll land in your inbox). If you use outlook/thunderbird or some other email program, the server for logging in over their network will be and you can set up your reply-to address as your myname one.

I'm sure there is a way to set up the reply-to through webmail, but I hardly ever use webmail so just did it through Thunderbird.

- And to be fair, UCL have sooo much paperwork to deal with already. There is an online facility for doing it, so it saves UCL admin costs so it can spend more money on your education! Stop moaning!
Hey Kelv, if it's convenient for you, use Thunderbird instead of that SquirrelMail. It saves you a lot of time remembering all that hyperlinks. And about having 2 email adds, you have to activate your account, if I remember correctly, with the Online Service through the IS website to get your alias, i.e. [email protected].

If you are 18 or over and either, you are eligible for the 18+ Student Oyster card. Everything's in here:
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Both e-mail addresses will go to the same account. As far as I'm aware you'll need to use the zxxxxxx to log into and to access various parts of the UCL site. Well, that's what I've done for the past year. I might be wrong.
Good post Erana...I didn't know that the zc....etc was additionally coded for year and course.