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From the sounds of it it is a shame this sight has been... closed down?
Ive never seen it before though, but i agree the TSR Oxford forum is pretty much just questions of "are my chances of getting into Oxford increased if i do x or y or apply to z college"

I only saw it in its weakened state, but it was still more entertaining on the whole. The only really entertaining threads in the Oxford forums on here are the ones when someone asks 'do I need 15A*s to get into Oxford' or 'is everyone in Oxford posh' and then everyone takes the piss out of them for 3 pages before someone gets angry and tells us all off for setting the image of Oxford back 20 years.
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You write in purple and people dont mercilessly take the piss out of you for it. Believe me, this place has a LONG LONG LONG way to go before it is half as fun as Oxgoss once was.

Oxgoss is where people would go to vent some ascorbic wit when the boredom of lectures and the absolute inanity of the hacks got them down, not (like TSR) an alternative to having an actual social life.

You misunderstand me - I wasn't implying that TSR, in it's live state, was like Oxgoss, in it's live state. I meant they were both dying in the same manner.
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with the URL directing viewers to The Student Rooms's Oxbridge forums.

Another excellent abuse of the English language by the Cherwell.
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Oxgoss is where people would go to vent some ascorbic wit when the boredom of lectures and the absolute inanity of the hacks got them down, not (like TSR) an alternative to having an actual social life.

I love 'ascorbic'.
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Sadly, OxGoss is gone forever.
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The only time I went on to OxGoss was to have a look at the gossip for my future college - I was shocked and amused by the levels of hatred and sheer rudeness of the forum. The entire thing consisted of personal insults and accusations. Of course its probably just LMH, but really there's no value saving anything like that - one may as well just watch South Park.
On a different note, I too have noticed TSR becoming much less exciting. What we really need is for Yoda to come back :smile: I will however, be staying on when I become a fresher and hopefully I'll be able to do something useful and get some information for the LMH wiki.
i never used oxgoss but it sounds like the idea behind it was quite original and funny, and it's a shame it's gone the way it has. spose you're always gonna have vicious people who abuse forums but it's something i probably would have used had i been in oxford at the time
i think it's true though that the tsr topics simply seem to be how are my chances etc (i've probably been guilty of a few what might seem annoying topics)
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The worst thing was threads like 'The **** List', naming and shaming all those people unfortunate enough to have got 3rds, and one Facebook hot or not thread, where OxGoss regulars would find what they thought were mingers on Facebook and emotionally abuse them for kicks. I understand it caused some serious distress to some of the people who were targeted. That was really low. Clearly most of the culprits had had their heads flushed down the loo at Eton and Harrow and needed to bring the bullying culture of boarding school to Oxford as a pathetic kind of security blanket to make them feel more at home.
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I found one of her old columns here, and it is pretty bad. Lots of "look at me, I've been drinking and doing weed for years! And I met William and Harry!".
i think i'm going to be sick.
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I read OxGoss once or twice. Some of it was pretty funny.
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Now I am become Goss, the destroyer of egos.

Understandable was great. I miss too much that kind of meaningless wrath.
I can't believe its demise has led me back to TSR. It's as if the procrastination chain can never be broken...
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Matt, why aren't u in the New Forest right now?
Student work/singing work/couldn't get there as wasn't in Oxford today etc etc. Annoying.
I can't believe I've never heard of this girl despite the fact that she was apparantely a Lincolnite! :confused:

She was in my year. Was never really around college much though.
Ah, OxGoss was a happy little distraction during my finals. I'm slightly sad to see it go. I wonder if the rise of facebook is linked to the decline of OxGoss?
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Why reveal gossip on OxGoss when news feed and tagged photos do all the work for you?

I read this year's hack's results, and one of the people listed lived above me last year - I had no idea she hacked at anything, and can't quite imagine what she was involved in.
I was informed of the demise a day or so ago. Truly a great loss- will be affectionately remembered as the good ol’ forum which provided immense entertainment and repartee when one was inclined to do anything but study. Never figured out who St Thomas Aquinas was though. And anycon, what was your 3rd identity?
OxGoss was an Oxonian 4chan. (Almost) anonymous. No censoring. Memes galore.

While I'm not sad to see it go (as it has been awful in the past year or so), I do regret its demise from what it used to be. Who remembers that <username-I-can't-remember> is a rat tirade?

It's funny how people got ripped for almost anything, but if you stuck at it long enough, like Sir Peter Parker and his love for trains, you would gain respect.
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I was never a member of OxGoss, but I lurked and read posts fairly often, and I remember working out Sir Peter Parker's real life identity (if I'm correct, he studies the same subject as me, but in the year above) and finding it very hard to restrain myself from referring to him by his internet pseudonym whenever he was mentioned by friends who knew him...

I kind of resent the demise of OxGoss - it was truly hilarious how basically everyone on there was an interested party of some kind or another. Threads in the Union and journohacks' fora especially tended to just degenerate into slate v slate/Cherwell v OxStu bitching, and it was brilliant to read.