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    (Original post by Gaz031)
    I wouldn't go out and insult someone about it and if I did, it shouldn't make any difference. They should be happy with whatever subjects they chose.
    However, personally i do feel that Maths/Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Further maths are the more difficult A levels, and a little above the others.

    lol. I think you just contradicted yourself there.

    I think that the majority of people would agree than purely in terms of content subjects such as maths have harder concepts to grasp than something such as Sociology. I think most would also agree that in general the ability of someone doing Latin will be above that of someone doing Theatre Studies (in general).
    SO even though the material in physics and chemistry may be harder it does not mean that it's harder to get an A. The exam boards try to keem some consistency throughout all the subjects as to the value of an A, so they will expect you to produce work of a higher quality in a subject such as sociology than maths purely because maths is a harder subject.
    Also to make their job even harder, as I said above some subjects will always attract more able candidates so this has to be taken into consideration when deciding grade boundaries.
    It may not be perfect, but I think that considering the circumstances there is a pretty reasonable consistencey as to the value of an A grade. Some traditionalists will always try to devalue some subjects but overall everyone I think people should be proud of high grades, regardless of which subject they are in.

    (Original post by bleeper)
    Am i the only person who thinks that people that do sciences act a little well snobbish to people who do stuff like media studies, i should know i am guilty of it. However i did a subject like politics which is not terribly dificult but coma inducingly boring howver it is best for me to hope and pray i do well in the 3 sciences.
    I think science students are just as snobby as people doing the arts. For instance SOME people doing Media Studies think they're cool, social and not nerdy. The science a-levels get people labelled as nerds by the trendy art, english, media studies types etc..... The scientists then in term label the other subjects as mickey mouse subjects which are only suitable for people of limited mental capacity.

    In my college I have found peoples attitude to be entirely different loads of the trendy people say who can you cope with chemistry (yes my college is rubbish).

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