Organic Mechnisms summary questions for AS and A2

Hajra Momoniat
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Find it hard to commit the mechanisms to memory? Do you find yourself in the position where you always forget a particular mechanism all the time? Do you want to test yourself on all mechanisms to ensure you gain these easy marks in your final exams? Well my summary does exactly this and will help you to be ready and 'well equipped' for the exam.

Want to check it out? Click on the link below and make an account (this is free to do) and message me (my name on the link below is the same as the one on here). This is so that when you click on my name, which will be in blue in your 'sent messages', all my resources will come up where the one that you will be looking for will say 'Organic Mechanisms of AS and A2'. Answers are accompanied with the questions. I have another document which tests also on all the mechanisms but different questions as well as being able to recall conditions and reagents and chemical tests for different organic molecules. I will upload this ASAP. NB: I follow AQA A level chemistry but any student following different exam boards are welcome to view.

If you do AQA A level biology please help yourself to view the resources that I have. Please give me a rep if you like my chemistry resources, biology resources or both as I will be greatly appreciated and I will be able to know if the resources are helping.

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