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That's just the way it is.
This is true, it's not just guys, our friends are suppose to know too
My girlfriend is pissed off, and i don't know the reason. She never tells me why.

Why do women not want to talk frankly about their feeling and expect guys to know their mind?

I know exactly how you feel. Its the most frustrating feeling in the god damn world.

Personally, if i have a problem with someone i like to confront them straight up rather than hide how i feel.
Reply 4 ex gf only never wanted to tell me what was wrong when it was something I did wrong. Im not suggesting yours is the same and to worry that youve done something, but think back just incase, even to things that you said that might have been ambiguiously interpretted.

Otherwise, just tell her to wise up and talk because we guys arent mind readers!
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It's not a problem that's exclusive to women. In some relationships it's the woman who's the uncommunicative one, but in some it's the man.

Okay, she's pissed off and hasn't volunteered any reason why. Have you asked her? Try initiating an honest conversation with her/
Yes, not all women are like this. In my experience it has been my boyfriends who are not likely to talk about what is bothering them! All you can do is try to find out what it is, but if she doesn't wanna talk about it then there's really nothing you can do unfortunately!
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Get used to it :sadnod:.
Welcome to the rest of your life.