Accommodation 2017 - Woodland Court or Marlborough&Solsbury? Watch

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Hi guys! I have an offer from the Uni of Bath for International Management and French (FIMML)!

I've been looking at which accommodation I would like to apply for and I'm stuck between 2 - Woodland Court and Marlborough and Solsbury.

I really like the idea of a double bed and a big room in Woodland, but is it a great place where lots of freshers choose to go? And is the kitchen situation difficult because you have to share with 15 others... I think?

Thank you!
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I've no opinion on those blocks in particular, but I think I'm right in saying that we're not applying for specific buildings when we submit our accommodation preferences. Instead we select what features we want, such as 'ensuite', 'on campus', 'self-catered', then the uni will select a building for us.

Applications for accommodation aren't open for another month or so and I'm not sure how specific these features you can select are. For example I really want the Quads, so when it's time to apply for accommodation I'm going to be selecting every feature the Quads offers, in the hopes that they'll put me there.

Hope this helps somewhat!
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Hey Chloe,

So I have just finished second year psychology at Bath and I lived in Woodland Court for first year. I absolutely loved living in Woodland - the rooms are probably the biggest out of all the accommodation available which was something I wanted when I applied for accommodation. The en-suite is also a good size and bigger than Solsbury/Marlborough.

I was in a flat of 18 which is the largest in Woodland, and I was pretty apprehensive at first, but it was absolutely fine! The larger flats have two kitchens - one smaller one and one bigger which has social space there too. Everyone has at least one cupboard and one shelf in a fridge and freezer.

I can't say much about Solsbury/Marlborough, but I know my friends who lived there loved it too. The rooms are smaller, but it's still a nice accommodation.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask

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