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Sorry if this has already been discussed but I heard that it was possible to find out whether you had been accepted or declined by your chosen universities the day before the results i.e. tonight. Is this true? I know it's not possible to get the actual results but people have been saying you simply get an accepted or declined. Sorry if I'm talking rubbish but if anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Paul K
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no. you cannot find anything out untill tommorow morning.

if you get the grades required to your first choice - you are in.

if you dont get the grades required for your first choice but do for your insurance - you may still get into your first choice- ring and ask, if they say no - you are in your insurance choice

if you dont get the grades required for either - ring your first choice first - if they say no - ring your insurance offer - if they say no your into clearing - go home, make a cup of tea , send mum out to buy the independant and a big bar of chocolate and cry your heart out...then when she returns - scoff the chocolate and find a place at the coolest university in the universe!!!

love Katy ***
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