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I have a research proposal to write but I'm unsure about where to start. I will be discussing abortion rights but I'm uncertain of where to go with this. I've done research And have a plan of how I want to start it, I've never done a research proposal so I'm confused.
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Research Proposal structure
1. Introduction
In this section, you introduce the reader to your main research area, and, briefly, the core problem you plan on addressing in your thesis. You also state your main thesis. This is the most important thing, here. Finally, you overview the layout of the rest of the proposal.
2. State of research
Other researchers have said something about what you want to work on . What have they said? In this section, you tell the readers what they've said. This is purely expository.
3. Main Objectives
These are the core research questions you will be asking, and attempting to answer. Your main objective, then, is to answer these questions. Try to make section 3 flow on from section 2, and highlight, where possible, some of the gaps in the literature (or in the area in general) that your thesis will be filling.
4. Methods
In this section, you address (albeit tentatively) how you will approach each of the core research questions from the previous section, drawing on the relevant literature, and how this all goes towards supporting your main thesis. In this section, you want to say something about how you will approach each question from section 3.
Of course, you won't have any good quality arguments already, probably, but it's more about having clear ideas here, and these will go towards answering your main questions, and the resources you will be drawing upon.
5. Timeline
Sketch a tentative timeline for what research you will be doing. For example, Chapter 1 might summarize the core debate, and some gaps that you plan on filling in the remainder of the thesis. Chapter 2 will do [...] Chapter 3 will do [...], making reference to the core research questions.
You can structure your research into quarters or months, or whatever timeframe suits you (e.g., from Sept. - Dec., drafts of Ch.1 - 3 will be completed, and redrafted by January). This is pretty tricky, and not every place requires one. Still, it's good to show that you're thinking about it like this.
6. Bibliography
Who's work are you drawing on? Who did you cite in your state-of-research section? Put them here.

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