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Hello, I've been trying to connect a PS3 console to the internet through my halls network called Eduroam. After realising you can't connect wirelessly to Eduroam I connected my PS3 via an Ethernet cable to the socket in my room, from there I opened the web browser where I was able to input my username and password to register my device to Eduroam. This allowed me to log onto PSN and browse the internet on my console, however, I was unable to connect to or create game lobbies. I've tried Worms 2: Armageddon, GTA V and some Call of Duty games but none of them allow me to play online.
I did a connection test on the PS3 settings and saw that the UPnP test failed. I'm not entirely sure what this means but have found out that Eduroam has this feature disabled, I think because having it enabled poses a security risk to their network but I'm not sure.
Anyway, has anyone connected their console to Eduroam successfully?
Some people on the student room have said they've registered their device through an IT desk at their halls and have done this by finding their PS3 MAC Address and they've been able to connect. I'm not sure if my halls even have an IT Desk though.
Thank you for any help you offer
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Connect your PS3 to a laptop using a LAN cable, connect that laptop to the eduroam network (I connected wirelessly, but if you have two Ethernet ports, a wired connection would probably have less latency). You should be able to connect to lobbies and such through that connection. COD: Black Ops works perfectly for me here in Ireland on the UCD Eduroam network. Sometimes you need to disable/re-enable the network sharing if you have removed the laptop since the last time you played.

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