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The Uni and Accomodation! - Jarrat Hall / Douper Hall

Hey, most people are talking about all the places in Pritchatts Park Village what about Selly Oak Village is it not as good? i really want an unsuite thats well close to the uni!? im so bad with the websites, are there any oncampus places? i fink that jarrat hall and douper hall seem the closet? anyone live there?
also they all seem really expensive? my family has an income over about 30,000 so what will i be entitled to?
what do you lot think of the uni? im applying this week and havent been up to see it yet.
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i am new at Birmingham........but I can tell you's a great Uni.

I live in Jarrat Hall and it is quite good and popular as well.

Victoria hall (another option) is very close to Jarratt. It is also ensuite so must be the same price but do check.

Hope that helps
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University of Birmingham
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The Vale is the place to be! It's got bars and lots of people, I believe it's the main student village. Selly Oak has a lot of 2nd years/postgraduates/mature students I've heard, and Pritchatts Park isn't one area as such, it's the "other" ones which are mostly privately owned and spread out somewhere between Bham centre and uni. I applied for Tennis Courts as my first choice cos it's really close to the uni, but I ended up at Hunter Court (Pritchatts Park) which is really nice but takes about 30-40 minutes to walk to uni (for me anyway). I think Tennis Courts has ensuites available too, and some of it has been refurbished by all accounts. It's also pretty cheap, couldn't tell you an exact figure but it's value. I pay about £4100 to live here which is pretty bad. Oh, and remember that Birmingham has the 2nd most expensive accommodation except London!
You can see a summary of halls here:
If your parents earn over £30k you'll probably get somewhere in the region of £4k a year for maintenance, you can find out more detail here:,796584&_dad=portal&_schema=PROTOCOL
Generally the maintenance loan isn't enough to live on alone, it barely (if at all!) covers accommodation! So you need to either get a job and save up, or get your parents to help :wink: I just assumed I'd be ok until I found about the reality, so managed to save up some money, get my savings out, and get my parents to help a little bit!
As for the uni itself, it's looovely. All redbrick and grassy and it's in a really pretty area. Visit it and see for yourself! :smile:
Hope all that helped! :biggrin:
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(Just don't apply for Social Work 'cause you're stuck in ugly white-brick huts). :biggrin:
^ :biggrin: yeh!!....we wont even get chance to be back in the other "proper" building cuz we'll be gone by then :frown:
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Sucks to be us. *Sigh*

To be completely honest, they're growing on me - pretty easy access from my bus stop, easy to get to the shops/cafe at lunch.

Me and Gemma had a walk around the day before yesterday I think, and the area surrounding the clock tower is lovely. We went up to some lecture hall we need to be in one day too. It's been very sunny recently (though cold), which has made it even nicer.

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2 min walk from uni, ensuite, largish size kitchens and a good freshers week!!!

Look on my myspace for pictures of ma room

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The Vale is ok... But it's not a spot on Jarratt. You've got along walk to The nearest supermarkets, AND an even longer one to lectures. Selly Oak has 2nd years... yes... the vale has ... ... ... some grass. And that's about it. There's a reason Second years are in Selly oak... Because they've been In Bham for a year, and know where the best place to live is... and It's SELLY OAK!!!