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Queen Margaret University Timetables?

Hi, sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, but I was wondering if there is any way I can find out the timetable for Media at Queen Margaret's University, Edinburgh. If anybody else is taking media or anything and has a general idea of how many hours of lectures there are it would be greatly appreciated =)
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The million dollar question.

You will find this out sometime this week. (i'm sure you've heard of the delays etc, and contingency measures?) Have you been sent induction info? ie time and place of when your meant to be meeting with your course group? This will probably be when you will be given a timetable - and you should have that this week. Or they might let you know at matriculation. (which is happening at Leith campus)

This page may be useful for updates regarding delays:

All teaching for the 1st week is at old campuses, and may continue like this for upto 3 weeks - although is not expected to except in certain courses such as drama. The main campus building is expected to be complete by the 9th of October (ie the 1st week of teaching) but to make it easy for students, i think that week will be taught at the old campuses. (with free bus travel to/from all campus sites old or new)

And you could try emailing your school office (or course leader - maybe you'll find their address on the info you've been sent), but bear in mind there will be many others doing this too. I think your school office can be reached here: [email protected]

Hours vary, i'm on the dietetics course and i was about 15 hours a week. Other courses do less, others more.

I'll go look up last years timetable for you - i may still have access to the old timetabling site. :smile:
Students on campus at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
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Last years timetable: (i think they split you up into smaller groups)

Week 1: about 10

and that continues for the whole semester it seems. This is assuming the repeated worskhops on the timetable you only have to go to 1 per week, rather than the whole lot.

Unfortunately i can't get you a nice printable/viewable copy, that function is only available on campus.
Thanks for all your help :smile: