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Hey guys,

Anyone doing gov & pol AS this year and how ready do you feel?

I'm trying to memorise my notes but none of it seems to be going in my head. Do you think I should just move on to essay plans and learn those instead? Also, my teacher said you need to have good contemporary examples in order to do well but my book doesn't have those, and its quite difficult finding them online. How are you guys dealing with this?

Also, for the politics paper, pressure groups and political parties are both compulsory topics that will come up, but we have a choice between electoral system, uk parliamentary elections & voting behavior. Is it a smart idea to just learn one topic from the one where we have an option?

p.s: If you're also doing ocr or have done ocr, do you have any good tips on how to generally revise for this subject and tips for the exam?

Thanks in advance.
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1. Revise 2 topics in depth you can secure to do well don't bother to revise all 4 that's a waste.
2. Now is the time to dl essays move away from the knowledge learning as by. Now you should know it.
3. Do 2 papers a day and look at the repeated pattern that ocr shows(questions are repeated)
4. Real life examples are easy Brexit is the biggest one so far for political parties and pressure groups also fracking

Paper 2 has the constitution, judges, pm and cabinet and Parliament.

You will be fine of you revise 3 because on sections A the source question you answer 1 out of 2 sources.
In section B the 40 market you have an essay choosing 1 out of the 2 statements.

Good luck

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