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Hay Fever

I don't know if this has ever been posted but my hay fever is a major problem, a recurring problem, especially when I have things to do, go to work, uni etc.

I was wondering how other suffers deal with it? Are there any measures you can take to stop if affecting your day to day life? Also, any remedies or medicines that can be recommended? It getting to a point where its really really annoying!

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Is this still a problem, hasnt the weather changed ? You must have it bad like i used to many years ago.

Well for eyes wear sunglasses as much as you can when you are out and about. I used to also wear an icemask to kool it down too; it also gives you the feeling of Christian bail in american psycho :rolleyes:

For the nose i reccomend Flexonise (spelling?) it comes with a green top

Other than that you might want to try homopathic medcine which seemed to improve mt situation

Hope this helps