What do you think of my product?

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It's for my A-levels...

Any comments about the good/bad stuff, anything that you don't understand about or things that you think could be improved upon for my product - would be great to hear.

Background info for the product:
- Designed to help university students, in their accommodation rooms, revise and to save space at the same time
- It was also designed to save space and help store resources. Due to this, the product goes on the wall and has a pack away feature, where one part of the product (blackboard) detaches from the main frame.

Features of the product:
- Bluetooth speaker to help auditory learners...learn
- Clock to test yourself in exam conditions so that you do not use your phone which could be a distraction
- A-level math blocks which contain trig identities/formulas to help come up with an answer to a question. It helps you visualise the solution.
- Pencil store
- Book storage
- The shelves all slide out so you can access the hidden compartment under the pencil storage (it's hidden, of course) and to slide out the bluetooth speaker from the back so you can charge it
- Blackboard (double sided)
- Sticky notes -- these are whiteboard pieces stuck to metal that attach to the blackboard and has the appearance it's floating (i have magnets hidden on one side of the blackboard - that's how it works...)
- Vinyl for additional whiteboard surface area
- Corkboard to pin up some paper/notes
- The blackboard can attach to the frame on the wall, so that it saves space when it isn't being used.
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The images are not attaching...
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from the description I'm wondering who'd need both a blackboard and whiteboard... Also I'm a bit doubtful about whether people would use buetooth speakers that had to be removed for charging. Couldn't they be recharged while attached?

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