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Hiya I'm Fannon I'm in year 10 and decided to do one of these 'journey to success' things😂😂.
I'm taking:
AQA English Literature (7/8)
AQA English Language (7/8)
AQA Mathematics (8/9)
AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics (A*)
AQA Physics(8/9)
AQA Chemistry (8/9)
AQA Biology (8/9)
AQA Religious Studies (8/9)
AQA German (8/9)
AQA Computer Science (8/9)
AQA Geography (8/9)

Our schools got this really stupid thing of having our end of year exams super duper early so I've got about 2 weeks until those start😬😬

So I've based my study into about 3/4 hour sessions during the hols and 1 hour during school time. I know it seems like a lot but my theory is that if I cover all my bases now, I won't be too stressed next year. Today I Did:

•Chemistry (I've written notes up to C7 now😃😃) I'm really ahead but it ok cause I love Chem.
•Computing I did notes on the 'Fundamentals of Algorithms' today. Really quick surprisingly.
•Biology. I find Biology so boring and tiring ugh I hate it.
•German. I revised In Meiner Familie on Quizlet then I watched one of the new kerboodle videos of German which was sooo helpful and then I watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix with German audio. 😂😂😂

If anyone would like I would happily PM you the join link for a AQA GCSE German class on Quizlet. It has all the vocabulary there 😊
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Right so yesterday was a packed revision day!
I wrote up Biology notes and Geography notes aswell as chemistry.
For German I did some basic testing on Quizlet, worked on knowing every word in part of the textbook, did some focused listening/video practice for that section then I watched The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in German with English subitiles. DONT UNDERESTIMATE HOW MUCH THIS HELPS.
then I worked on annotating my Lord of the Flies. Halfway through now!

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