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Just got a few questions about AM I was wondering somebody may be able to answer.

1) Do AM really practise just one specific investment style (i.e. growth, value) or are most just hybrids? I ask because I find it quite hard to determine what investment style funds use when looking on their website and also fail to believe a firm sticks to one style when presented with opportunities to make dough using another style.

2) Given that there's probably over a hundred AM firms in London, I find it quite intriguing that a lot of the smaller ones only have speculative application career pages. Therefore, how do you break into the industry? Is the only way getting on a grad scheme with the big guys (fidelity, M&G, GS/JP/MS) and then moving across after the scheme finishes?

3) What are the titles of the entry-level positions at a AM firm. I.e. what should i be googling when looking for job openings? I understand fidelity uses equity research associate > analyst, but what about the hundreds of other firms? I see a lot of investment analysts, but that sometimes relates to an entry level job (like in IB) rather than a level up from associate.

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there are many different investment styles, most may have a strategic asset allocation, and then change that periodically to suit a more tactical allocation surrounding it. others may use style rotation, dependent on economic cycles.. what not, really depends on the amount of risk people want in the fund. but remember continually changing a style has transaction costs and people who invest in these funds may have their own agendas to risk management so for a fund to continually change its allocation could be somewhat counter-productive to investors.

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