Time of communication for non instantaneous methods of acceptance? Contract law help!

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I already know that, according to Brikibon, acceptances communicated outside of business hours are not instantaneous. I also know that, according to Mondial shipping, they will be communicated the next working day.

However, I have a number of situations that I don't know how to approach. If a chain of communications all occur in the same weekend for example, which ones are communicated first when working hours commence again?

1- For example: acceptance is emailed at 7pm on a Friday, revocation telexed at 8pm on Friday - gets to Monday and they receive the telex (revocation) first despite it being sent second- does this mean that the offer has been revoked or has the acceptance been communicated first even though it has not yet been read?

2- acceptance sent by email 7pm, revocation emailed 8pm, does this mean that the acceptance has been communicated since they must have read it when they logged on? What if they didn't read it? Which one is communicated first?

3- the same goes for if the revocation was emailed before the acceptance.

BASICALLY, when it comes to non instantaneous communication being read the next working day, which is said to be communicated first?
a- the communication that is seen first
b- the communication that was sent first

sorry if this has not been worded very well but i am confused! Thank you in advance for your time!

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