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Haha Lauren you fool Lauren
Put lipstick on like I said :p:
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alternate cold and warm on it.
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^ Thanks I may try that.

And Mob I am nooot an idiot. I am one of your angry mob after all!
Sorry I don't speak Klingon. :wink:
Report him to the police - you don't have to suffer domestic abuse in silence.
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Haha you think Lauren has a bf
No offence dear :smile:
She bit her lip
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^ THAT isn't funny.

But I did bite it, as Lauren (mob) knows, it has happened many times. Usually when i am eating crisps.
I'm sorry :hugs:
What flavour crisps specifically?
His fists won't stop biting your lip until you take real action against him - the police will take you seriously. It's OK.
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Quavers mostly. As you know.
Are you sure YOU bit your lip? :knuddel:
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And seriously. There are no fists! Hahaa!

MOB. Please tell him.
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Are you sure YOU bit your lip

Haha. Yeah I'm pretty sure about that..
And seriously. There are no fists! Hahaa!

Domestic abuse is not funny. Well, not very funny...
I saw her do it once, in English Literature, she was chewing her pen and came out in a bruise
use arnica cream. its meant to help
I will tell Lauren that later, she appears to have gone to choir
Thank you on her behalf
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i never got a bruise or so by chewing a pen but managed to cut my lips a few times, but crisps? ^o)
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Its the knid of thing only I can do! haha